Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who wants Digital Scrapbooking software??

I'm going to be doing a freebie post either tonight or tomorrow but I HAVE to tell you about this AMAZING DEAL!!

**This is worth reading**


My Memories Suite v3 is now out. And it's fabulous!!! So many great new features (and I loved it before!) and lots of great content. I have been digital scrapbooking since 2002 and I've never had more fun with it since I started using this program.

So do you want it for only $4.97?
I am not kidding ... and here's how:

- If you purchase My Memories Suite it's $39.97
- Use this Promo code and you automatically get $10 off : STMMMS29686
now it's $29.97
-Immediately you will get an email thanking you for your purchase. Half way down the email there is another promo code worth $10 to buy anything you want in their shop. (papers, kits, frames, word art ... anything!)
now it's $19.97
--->and now the best part!!! - send me an email ( and forward me your 'Thank you' email from your order # (you can take out your personal info before forwarding it) and I will give you a $15 store credit at LLL Creations!!!!
*You have now paid $4.97 for a SUPER DUPER program!*

This program can be used for the beginner or advanced scrapper - believe me you will never go back to what you are using now - no matter what it is! I had 3 different scrapbook programs before this one and didn't like any of them. But My Memories has me hooked! And you will be too ...

If you are worried you might now know how to use it, don't be. There are TONS of video tutorials to look at on their site and their facebook page is a great place to get answers and you get them quick!! Also their tech support is amazing, answering their emails immediately with no hassles! I would gladly answer any questions you have here too (or on my facebook page)! So don't delay - Check out the program HERE.

"Scrap this Christmas season in style~!"

PS - They also make great Christmas gifts~ ! Don't forget to use the code above for the instant $10 off!

PSS- Happy Thanksgiving to all American Scrappers! Eat, drink and be Merry~

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