Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Hello everyone ... Thought I would stop in and tell you about all the fun going on at the My Memories facebook page! They have hit 17,000 followers and are having a party!

 Do you like winning free scrapbook kits? Or Cpns to pick what you want? Well they are giving them away and lots of them! Hurry over and join the fun.

 Go to My Memories on facebook~!

And hopefully you have picked up my exclusive freebie ... because it will be changing veryyyyyyyyy soon!

So come pick it up on LLL Creations facebook page and check out all the sales I have going on!

Like 'Water Fun' ... 50% off, now only $2.49. Get it here: Water Fun Kit

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YES! You get everything above for only $2.49~!

 And 'Precious in Pastels' ... also 50% off!  This kit is huge!  Get it here: Precious in Pastels

Yep ... all the above it one kit!

So come on over ... get some great deals at my shop and get the freebies on facebook.
How fun is that??  :-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Hi everyone... Just wanted to do a quick drop in and say I hope everyone has a fabulous Mothers Day weekend! Yep, Mothers day should be celebrated for more then 1 day in my opinion ... lol.

 Well my grandson is 2 weeks old tomorrow and he is doing great. He is still in the hospital but is progressing beautifully. The only thing left is the feeding tube and we are expecting that to be gone very soon as well. He has taken to breast milk and drinks out of a bottle now and they are just waiting for him to do 48 hours of strictly oral feedings. The problem with preemies is they tire fast and feeding is very tiring for them. (Hence the feeding tube when he is too tired to take it orally). But he is getting stronger everyday!

Last Sunday his brother got to be near him for the first time and it was precious.

I also wanted to let you know about a GREAT sale I have going on for Mothers Day!

 All 20 of my photobooks at My Memories are 50% off until Sunday!

What are photobooks? Well, if you own My Memories Suite then you can use these 22 page books as a quick book already pre-made. But thats not all. All of the pages can be changed. Want to move something, add something, take something away? No problem. These pages are great for a quick book, great when you don't know how to start a book and a great start to a larger book. BUT ... you also get all the papers and embellishments separately as well! So technically you don't even have to own My Memories Suite. In the download the kit will be there seperately.

And right now at 50% off the photobooks are cheaper then just buying the kits!

Here is an example:

Vintage Sepia Photobook

Or come take a look through my shop here (there are 20 photobooks there now and lots more!)

LLL Creations at My Memories

But if you don't have My Memories Suite and you are interested in it, check out the fabulous deal on the top right of this blog. Read all about the amazing deal you can get it for.  

In the meantime I have a special Mothers Day gift for you on my facebook page.  This beautiful Mothers Day frame is now my exclusive freebie there.

And to honour my own mother I did this layout using the frame.

So come on over to LLL Creations and get this exclusive freebie. And join in on the fun. Yesterday I gave away 5 $10 gift certificates to my shop for just a comment!

Have a great Mothers Day weekend.  Hope it is sunny where you are and full of love!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Choo Choo!

This has been a crazy busy week!  On Saturday, April 28th I became a proud grandma again to a tiny baby boy. Tyler was born 6 weeks premature at 4 lbs, 15 oz.  He may be little but he is doing great.  Mom had to have a c-section and will be running back and forth to the hospital everyday and we wanted to do something to help. So we took on a huge task - we took our 15 month old grandson home with us for a week!  lol  Well, I have to tell you it's been exhausting but also alot of fun.  In the meantime I was unable to get my entry in for the blog train because of 'lack of time'.  But I still want to post the blog train for you because it looks like alot of fun!

Click HERE to start riding the train ...

In the meantime I've decided since the name of the Blog Train is Cinco De Scrapo to celebrate both National Scrapbooking Day and Cinco De Mayo, I would give away some tropical papers for a freebie, available Friday, Saturday and Sunday!.  Come on over and get this freebie at at My Memories.

Get the freebie HERE!

If you don't have a My Memories account, it is free and gives you the opportunity to have access to their exclusive freebies.  If you are interested in getting My Memories Suite software (the totally BEST scrapbooking software out there!) you can download their trail version to see what it's like.  And when you are ready to purchase (because once you try it you will WANT IT), use this code to receive $10 off:  STMMMS29686
Then when you receive the welcome email from them there will be a $10 cpn to use in their shop on anything you want.  PLUS - forward me that email and I will give you another $10 to use in my shop. Sound like a great deal??  IT IS!!

Want more fun?  My Memories Facebook page has tons of stuff going on this weekend!  FREEBIES,  CONTESTS,  PRIZES ALL DAY SATURDAY.  DON'T MISS IT!

And if you are have not 'liked' my facebook page, come on over, I also have exclusive freebies which I change quite often!

Have a great scrapbooking weekend!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cinco de Scrapo Party!

Great news!  Great Fun!

National Scrapbook day is Friday, May 5th and so is Cinco De Mayo. Soooooo........... Cinco de Scrapo is being celebrated by My Memories for a crazy one week party. Crazy sales, crazy blog hops, crazy freebies, crazy prizes, crazy challenges and much more. 

Blog Train coming ... and everything at My Memories will be on sale!

Come visit my shop at My Memories to get some deals.

I will be posting the blog hop details starting Friday!  Details will also be on my Facebook Page ....
(Don't forget to pick up my Exclusive Freebie while you are there)

Stay tuned ...