Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

Yep ... spring is finally here.  For Good.  How do I know?
Our tree swallows have come back and they never return until after the last of the snow.  And ... the spring peeper frogs have started peeping!.  I don't go by a date to know when spring has arrived, the birds and the frogs tell me every year!.   :)

OK, what's new?.  I'll show you ...

Stormy Weather is new and you get everything in the next 5 previews ...

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Spring, Summer and Autumn are all full of beautiful skies and wicked storms.  Rain is needed so we can watch all that mother nature has created grow.  And kids love rain.  They like to jump in puddles and have fun.  Storms on the other hand can be exciting or mean.  I've always been fascinated with skies and clouds and take pictures of them often.  I've only been able to catch lightning with my camera once ... but I'm still trying ....

My one and only lightning photo ... lol

Don't run and hide when it rains and the sky gets dark.  Get out the camera!!  LOL

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I also have a new 'Camouflage Paper Pack'  in my shop ...
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And now some fun stuff ...

If you have the newest 'My Memories Suite v7' (or any other graphics program that will let you use masks) here are some fun new items ...

Use any of these in My Memories Suite and use any background paper to create custom photo mats, overlays and borders.  (Instructions Included)  You will use these over and over again.

PNG Peek-A-Boo Photo Mats #1 are available HERE
Create custom photo mats!

And here is an example ...
But don't forget, every different paper you use to fill any of these makes them look totally different.

PNG Peek-A-Boo Photo Mats #2 are available HERE
Create custom photo mats!

And here is an example ...

PNG Peek-A-Boo Borders are available HERE
Create custom borders!

And here is an example ...

PNG Peek-A-Boo Overlays #1 are available HERE
Create custom overlays!

And here is an example ...

So fun and you can add a shadow for all of these which really makes them pop!

Don't have My Memories Suite v7??
Why the heck not?  If you do digital scrapbooking and you want a program that is user friendly with tons of fun options this is the program for you!. (or would make an awesome gift)

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But that's not all!  I'm going to give you a bonus ... read on ...

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And if you have any questions about the program I would be more than happy to answer them on my Facebook page any time!  

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It's also 'Earth Week'
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And...  I also have a FREEBIE for you ...

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Happy Spring!

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