Saturday, June 28, 2008


I find it so fascinating when I give away a freebie that some of the responses are least where I expect them. The 'Summertime Overlays' have had a great response and I wasn't even sure if they would be useful or if they were 'good' enough I've had more downloads of them in 3 days then anything else I've given away. So I guess from now on when I hesitate to put a freebie up, I'll remember that 'someone' out there might have a use for it. Thanks also for the great response to the Metal Charms. I will definately be giving away more of those!!!

Brian Melo (2007 Canadian Idol winner) was fabulous! He played with 2 other bands in a very small bar here in Peterborough so everyone was up close. I'm so proud that a Hamilton boy has had so much success. I wish him best of luck in the future.

Here is the next letter of the 'is for' Series:

Download K 'is for' Kitty-Cat


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can't Beat this Heat!

OK, so this is one of those rare days where it's absolutely beautiful out. I definately have to go out and enjoy it because it's calling for rain on and off for the next four days. Grrr ...

Tonight I get to go see last years winner of Canadian Idol 'Brian Melo' from Hamilton, Ontario. I'm originally from Hamilton (actually lived there until last year) and it was sooo exciting to see him win last year. I think he deserved to win and has a fabulous voice. Can't wait ...

I hope the weather wherever you are is beautiful too. So here is some Summertime Overlays to scrap those 'hot' days that you might be lucky enough to spend in water.

Here is todays freebie:

Summertime Overlays 1


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wonky Weather!

Wow, we had another huge storm last night. The storms here in Ontario, Canada seem to be getting more like tropical storms. Torrential rain, thunder and lightening and then today it's a beautiful day. It just seems like each storm is worst then the last. I love watching the lightening but I hate the winds. My daughter is now living back in Ontario (from Bend, Oregon) and came down for a few nights and it was really nice. We were driving to a free concert in the park yesterday and came across this billboard.

I thought it was a pretty good slogan Laughing is good for you and I'm sure everyone has one of those people in their life that just makes you crack up once in awhile. Sooooooo....

Here is the next letter in the 'is for' series;

Download J 'is for' Jokester


Thursday, June 19, 2008

No Justice!

One of the things that I find a little frusterating about designing scrapbook elements is that the 'previews' for them do no justice to the actual elements. They have to be downsized so much for the previews and do not give the fine details. You can click on the pics of the previews to see a little larger but it's still downsized a tremendous amount. My next freebie was really fun to make. I'll be having many more similar ones like this in the future. I hope you like it.

Todays freebie is:

Download Metal Charms 1


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flying the coup ...

Well, yesterday was the first time we had the opportunity to see the baby tree swallows. They were sticking their heads out all day.

And dad was bringing them BIG bugs to eat ...

Today they finally started leaving the bird house. We've seen 5 leave so far and we think there is another two to go. One was sitting on our deck railing this morning.

The others soon followed except a few hesitant ones ...

Mother nature is amazing ...

Here is todays freebie:

Download Chrome Frame - Happy


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Well, Happy Fathers Day to all you (or your) fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers etc. out there. Though my own father has been gone for over 24 years, I still think of him on this special day. I was not fortunate enough to know my grandfathers (they both passed away before I was born) but I have pictures to look at and alot of stories that were told to me. My grandfather on my moms side was born in County Cork, Ireland which is also where my mom was born so my next freebie is to celebrate the country of my ancestors.

Here is the next letter of the 'is for' series:

Download I 'is for' Irish


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Change of Heart ...

Well, after researching a bit more on SLR camera's I decided against one. The Rebel xTi looks fabulous and I'm sure the quality of the pics are great but with the lens I would of wanted with it (75mm-300mm) it was just too much bulk for me. The 300 mm. lens is only equivelant to a 6X zoom and that's what I have now. Plus I can't really see myself carrying around all that stuff. I like to be able to throw it in my purse and go. So I went back to looking a regular digitals and decided on a Canon Powershot S5. It's the newest Powershot (I have a Canon Powershot A95 right now) and has alot of features I was looking for (live veiw finder, 12X zoom, flip over screen and tons of other neat features). We went on an 8km. hike today and I got to try it out. So far, I'm impressed.

Here's todays freebie:

Download Dog Bits 1


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SLR Cameras?

I'm thinking of getting a new digital camera. The one I have is about 4 years old, still works good but I really want a better zoom etc. I've been looking at digital SLR Cameras and I'm more confused then ever. Blacks Camera here in Canada has a "15 day full refund if not totally happy" return policy so I'm thinking of buying one just to try it out. I've been looking at the Canon Rebel xTi. It's not the newest model but has good reviews all over the net. Does anyone have any advice for me please?????

Here is todays freebie:

Download H 'is for' Hilarious


Friday, June 6, 2008

Yep, I'm a Nature Lover ...

One of my favourite things to photograph (besides people and birds) is flowers. I was so happy when we finally put in our flower beds here at the new house. Theres something special about watching plants and trees grow. Our house faces part of a conservation area at the back and we find ourselves staring at it constantly. There are so many trees and birds back there and constant action whether it be Red Winged Black birds chasing a Hawk (Yes, it's true) or Wild Turkeys walking in the backyard (Yes, that's true too, but we only seen that once Either way living here is right up my alley when it comes to nature.

I took a walk around the corner this morning and took this picture:

So for anyone else who loves nature here is the next freebie:

Download Define It 1


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's Coming ...

Well, starting this Friday the weather is supposed to REALLY heat up! Finally. I'm one of the few people who LOVE when it's super hot. I think it's because normally I'm always cold. My feet are always cold and my body is constantly cold from the inside out. So I'm looking forward to some real heat.

I'm getting so excited because my daughter is moving back to Ontario from the States. They are driving from Oregon and are on the road right now camping their way through Canada. Oh, to be 25 again ... lol.

Here is the next letter for the 'is for' series ...

Download G 'is for' Goofy


Monday, June 2, 2008

Feeling Good~!

Wow... this nice weather puts me in such a good mood. I swear I lack vitamin D unless I'm in the sun. (Even though I faithfully take the vitamin every day~!) But spending time outdoors really does something for me. Makes me ... ahh ... let's see ... want to give away more freebies? Yes, that's it. So the more sun, the more freebies, you guys will be cleaning up this summer ... lol.

I wanted to give away these frames and point out that the bird in the frame is the 'daddy' Tree Swallow that is nesting in our birdhouse. These birds are so cute. They put on quite the show all day long for us and we love it.

So, on with the freebie ...

Download Acrylic Frames 1