Friday, November 30, 2012

Wow ... it's (almost) December

Another month bites the dust!  Here we are, tommorrow is Dec. 1st and it's beginning to feel alot like ... winter!  We had our first bit of snow the other day and it's darn chilly out there.  I know, I know,  I live in Canada what did I expect?  lol

And Christmas is right around the corner.  Alot of our neighbours have their christmas lights on and this year for the first time ever we put our lights outside while it was still mild out. And tonight we are turning them on for the 1st time.  This year is going to be fun since one of my grandsons will be almost 23 months by Christmas day.  I was at my daughters last week and we put up her tree and he had a great time!

And every year is going to get better and better. When the 2 boys get a little older Christmas is going to be magical!

I've got some great sales going on in my shop at My Memories.  Everything I have that is Christmasy is on sale for great prices and much more on sale.  Come on over and check it out.
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I also have a great new Christmas kit which will be coming out next week!  I love this one ... and  I also have a pre-made 24 pg. photobook made with the kit for those who can't be bothered ... lol.

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December is going to be filled with lots of fun sales and promotions and give aways, so make sure you 'like' my facebook page for all the details. 

AND THE BEST NEWS! ... My Memories has come out with version 4!  There is lots of new fun stuff to play with and it's better then ever!  I've had the chance over the last week to play with some of the new features.  Sooooo, I have an AMAZING deal for you.  NOW is the time to finally get My Memories Suite for yourself or it makes a great gift also.

So here's the amazing deal:
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Ok, gotta run, busy, busy, busy.  Have a great weekend~

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday HUGE sale - One Day ONLY!

Happy belated thanksgiving to all American Scappers!  I hope your day was filled with love and family.  Yesterday was also my daughters 30th birthday! Wooooooo Hoooooooooo.......

In celebration .... I have a GREAT Black Friday Sale going on ... one day ONLY! (Fri. Nov. 23rd)

Use the code: LLL30 today and you will get the best deal around.  Everything is already 30% off ... spend $20 and get an EXTRA $6 off .. that's like an extra 30%!!! Black Friday only happens once a year so don't miss out!!

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And ...

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Have a great weekend~

Friday, November 16, 2012

Birthday Bash!

Alright, a LOT is going on right now!

First off ... I have gone through my shop at My Memories and put tons of items on sale - 25% to 50% off!.  You do not have to own My Memories Suite program to buy from their site.  All kits are available to download in a general zip file.  If you own the program or not you have the choice of downloading the My Memories file which will install right into the program or the general zip file. (or both!) I love the fact that at My Memories when you purchase a kit, it stays in your account forever!  It's like an online backup of your kits, fantastic!

Ok, and some GREAT news!  My Memories Suite is coming out with VERSION 4!!  (Very soon!) There are going to be some new features (like being able to 'rip' your photo right in the program!) and much more! If you are interested in purchasing this program I always have a great deal on it.  Even if you purchase version 3 right now you will be able to get the upgrade for free when it comes out.  The upgrade will be available free for anyone who has purchased the program within the last 60 days.

Ok, here's the deal I have:
Purchase My Memories Suite HERE using the Promo code:  STMMMS29686
(Like I said if it is still version 3 available download it and you will get the upgrade to version 4 free when it comes out!)
That promo code will automatically give you $10 off the price of $39.97.
After you download the program you will be sent a confirmation email.  That email contains another promo code of $10 which can be used for anything in My Memories Designer Shop.
Ok, now forward me that email ( and I will give you $10 worth of anything from MY shop!
Sound good?  This program would make a great gift for any friend or relative who is into craftly things.  Though it was originally made for digital scrapbooking there are all kinds of hybrid projects that can be created with it!  I've made invitations, cards etc.  But for digital scrapbooking, it seriously is the best!!

Alright and some more news!  My daughters birthday is on the 22nd ... she is going to be .. 30!!  Omg, I can't believe it.  (She can't either! lol)  It seems like yesterday I was turning 30.  Anyways, it's time to celebrate~

Soooooooooo... I have this AWESOME promotion going on in my shop.  This is ON TOP of all the great sales I already have on.  It's like an extra 30% on top of the sale price! 
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 I've never done this before so take advantage of it while it lasts!!
If you have any milestone birthdays coming up, I have just the thing for you.  By request I created an '80th Birthday Kit'.  You can get it HERE.
But if you go to that link and look under related products there are kits for 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, and 70th also!! I can't wait to use the '30th' for my daughter!!  lol

 Ok, and finally ... my 2nd grandson who soon will be 7 mths old will be having his first Christmas this year.  Although he's too young to enjoy it, it is still very special.  So that inspired me to create this and give it to all of you as a freebie.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament - Get it HERE

And more freebies ...
And if you haven't pick up my exclusive freebie on my facebook page ... come on over!  They change often and are not available on my blog.  My facebook page also has a tab called Tips of the Week.  I post tips about the program BUT if you ever have any questions about My Memories Suite I would gladly answer them, just ask on my facebook page!

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Have a great day, week and month! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!

Hi everyone...

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!  What a busy day for everyone I'm sure.  Blog Hopping and collecting all the goodies that are around.  We do this to let everyone know how much we appreciate you and to 'give back' to our happy scrappers out there.

Today is going to be a busy day for me, I wish most of it could be dedicated to scrapping but I have some running around to do so I am trying to fit this in before my day gets too busy.

First off ...

My WHOLE SHOP is 30% off for 3 days ...

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I also have some things on 50% off ...

 Hats for Fun ... have some fun with your layouts ... now only 99 cents!

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Also Inspiration Word Art .. 50% off... now only 99 cents!

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And also Metal Stick Pins .. 50% off ... now only 99 cents!

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And much more ... so head on over to MY SHOP here.

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I have a new exclusive FREEBIE there too!  This one was created especially for Digital Scrapbooking Day!  It will be up for awhile but I change my exclusive freebies often so snap it up and stick around!

This freebie is called:  Life is a Story
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Have a great scrapbooking weekend!