Thursday, April 25, 2013

Up and Down Like A Yo-Yo!

The weather can't make up it's mind.   Sun one day, cloudy the next, snow flurries, rain, wind and temperatures all over the place.   We have a nice day and the thought of finally poking around outdoors in my gardens comes up and then we will have frost at night.  I think I am going to play it safe and wait for a 'string of days' of nice weather  .... lol.

My cats are also waiting for the nice weather.  They are indoor cats but go outside in a large cage in the nice weather.  They love it!  They get to watch the birds and get some fresh air.  The cage even has carpet!  My oldest cat turned 9 the other day and it happened to be a nice day out so it was their first time outside this year after a long winter.

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I hope you are having some beautiful weather where ever you are!  Have a great day~ 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

This is Spring??

Here we go ...

It's almost the middle of April and by now I'm usually cleaning out the gardens and getting ready to plant!   By now I usually have opened up the windows to let in some air after a long winter.  By now I'm usually enjoying the feel of the sun on my face when I leave the house.  Instead we are dealing with up and down weather systems that will NOT let Spring in!

 Yesterday the city was covered in ice.  It looked beautiful but caused power outages and many trees branches to scatter the city.

 I really thought I would be sitting on that chair by April 12th!

While taking pictures I noticed this beautiful Blue Heron up in a tree.  I really felt bad for all the birds and animals with this ice storm.  Food must of been very hard to come by.  We always put out bird seed, suet and peanuts all winter long for the birds.  We filled a large bowl of seed on the ground and within minutes had doves, chickadees etc and even a rabbit come eat from it.

My husband noticed with binoculars that the Blue Herons partner was in the pond below the one in the tree.

So needless to say I am ready for Spring to start anytime now ...

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Happy Spring!  Have a great April~