Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have a Happy New Years Eve ~!

WOW~! 2010 is just around the corner ~!

When it turned the year 2000 I thought that was weird to say, but for some reason saying 2010 seems even stranger. Technology has gone crazy in the past 10 years and just when you think you are up to date, they come up with some new technology that blows you away. I saw a commercial the other day for a phone with of course internet, movie capability etc. - no big deal in the year 2009 ... lol. But this one also has a built in projecter, so whatever is on the screen of the phone can be projected onto a television screen with a push of a button. Can you say ... OMG?. You wonder how far it will go. Children being born now will have NO idea what it was like before this 'space' age (as I like to call it). But is technology taking over the world? I think it definately could~!! And it's actually kinda scary ... lol.

S ... L ... O ... W ... down, my head is spinning~!!! I just transferred all my old Super 8 films on to DVD and its already almost outdated!!! How can you possibly preserve the past if you can't keep up with the present~!! lol

With all the digital pictures and digital movies and this and that, I still think book in hand is the way to go. Which is why printing digital scrapbooks is still so fun. It's like all the e-books you can get now - but who wants to read a book on a screen? I can't get into that and I would still rather hold the book, curl up on the couch and read. Which is why I think printing pictures might never go out of style. (I know, never say never!).

One of the things I received for Christmas was a 10" Digital Photo frame. It's great~! You can view the pics like a slide show and even have music playing etc. But, that doesn't mean I won't print any pictures again.

So on with Digital Scrapbooking ~~~~ may future generations cherish the pages we create today~!

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I thought I would put something a little different into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today and came up with this Television Frame;

The layout below shows the size on a 12x12 inch paper.
Great for showing those priceless moments~!
Remote included ... lol.

You can get the Television Frame here for only $1.00. Or just go through
LLL Creations under the Frames category.

One day left for my December Promotion ...

AND ... I've got a new promotion for the month of January ~

Get these 2010 Date Stamps FREE with a $5.00 purchase at
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from January 1st - 31st

So if you've never been to my store, hop on over and see how much you can get for only $5.00 at LLL Creations Dollar Mart~!

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Today your freebie is a charm to embellish a lovey dovey layout ... lol

Download Love Dove Charm

So for the year 2010 ~ I wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous year with many occasions to treasure and scrapbook~!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Can you say ... exhausted?

Mental exhaustion is the worst! lol Today I feel drained and I know its not from physical activity ... lol. But I think mental exhaustion is much worse. As soon as Christmas is over I get this total body/mind shutdown and I'm pretty sure its just the 'it's over' syndrome. I'm not even sure if that is normal but I get it every year.

Christmas was very nice though. We spent time with both families and did alot of driving but it was really nice to see everyone. My great nephew Devin has grown sooo much. He's 3 months old and as strong (and heavy) as a bull~!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas. Now on to the New Year~!

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Celebrations, whether it be Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversarys, Graduations or New Years is always one of the best things to scrap. So today I put this 'Celebrate Cluster Frame' into LLL Creations Dollar Mart;

This cluster frame fills a 12x12 inch paper and could be used for any type of celebration you have ...

The frame is only $1.00 and you can get it here or just go through LLL Creations under the Frames category.

AND ... until January 31, 2010 when you purchase the Celebrate Cluster frame above you will receive the Celebrate 2010 Cluster frame below as a bonus ...

For your New Years Celebration or any other 2010 Celebration you might have~! The layout below shows the size on a 12x12 inch paper.

So get celebrating~! And there is still 4 days to get the free Plaid alpha with a $5.00 purchase ... see my December Promotion ...

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Your freebie for today is this Babys First Christmas Word Art that I used in the first layout in this post ... the last Christmas item I will be posting until next Christmas ...

Download Babys First Christmas Word Art


Have a great week and I'd love to hear from you. You can comment in my Cbox on the right side of this blog or below this post.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas ~ ! Well, almost ...

Wow, 2 more days! Well, I'm about as ready as I'm ever going to be. But I'm tired. We've had company and just endless running around. But don't you just love it when something unexpected just makes you smile?. I was on my way to bed the other night and going around and turning out all the Christmas lights and I was tired. I went into our living room where I have Christmas candles above the fireplace (fake ones with bulbs ... lol) and I reached up to find the switch under the fake snow ... lol ... and there was my cat Nemo. He had made himself perfectly comfortable in between all the clutter on top of the cotton snow. It was sooo adorable. He looked so cozy.

As tired as I was, it just perked me right up and of course I had to run and get the camera!. But animals have a way of doing that to me. And they don't even know how cute they look ... lol.

Anyways, Christmas is almost upon us and it's a great time to spend with family. We always make sure we get together every year even if it's just for a short time. I hope you all get a chance to spend time with your family as well~!

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Soooooo today I put this frame into LLL Creations Dollar Mart;

You can get the frame here for only $1.00 or
just go through LLL Creations Dollar Mart under the Frames category.

The layout below shoes the size of the frame on a 12x12 inch layout.
The picture is from a few years back. My daughter had moved to Oregon, USA for a year and she came home for Christmas. Thankfully, they moved back to Canada after a year because she was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too far away~!

And there is still one week left for my December Promotion.

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And to 'wrap up' the Christmas season ... (pardon the pun!) today I have this Christmas Paper Pack Freebie for you;

Download Christmas Paper Pack #2


One of the papers is shown in the layout above in this post.
As usual I would love to hear your comments~!
Have a great Christmas and see you after the big day~!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ahhh...... One Day Early ...

I was going to post this in the morning ... but what the heck ... it's Christmas! lol.

I got the cutest picture in my Christmas card from my nephew and his wife. It's of my great Nephew Devin!

What a cutie~! I've only seen him once and he is 3 months old!!! But, I get to see him Christmas Day ... yay!

Babies change so quickly it's amazing. The mom even said she already misses the 'new born' stage ... lol. Well, after spending litterly weeks converting all my old videos onto DVD, I have to say - You don't appreciate videos until YEARS later. Then you realize how amazing it is to have them. At the time they are taken, it is really no big deal. Then years later you watch them and say WOW! I wish I had more. I bought a video camera when my daughter was 9 and basically used it like crazy until she was about 13 or 14. Then stopped. (She's 27 now! and in almost every layout I do ... lol) After a few years the camera had seized up and didn't work anymore. So I have a 'limited time line' of videos. I did end up buying a new video camera about 4 years ago but I haven't used it much. But watching the videos really makes me want to use it again. Especially with a new baby around~!

Oh my ... Christmas is almost here~!!!

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Ok, so between Christmas and New Years there is alot of celebrating going on! Sooo ... I put this Celebration Paper Pack into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

These papers just reminded me of 'Celebrating' ...

And since I don't think the preview folder does them ANY justice ... here are detailed views ...

And here is a layout using one of the papers ...
but they could be used for any celebration~!

You can get this Celebration Paper Pack here for only $1.00 or just go through LLL Creations Dollar Mart under the Paper category.

And you still have time to get in on my December Promotion:

You get the full set of upper Case, full set of lower case, numbers 0-9 and symbols ~ that's 66 pieces! And it's yours FREE with a $5.00 purchase at LLL Creations Dollar Mart~!

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And today I'm thinking about celebrating ... New Years ... so here is your freebie for today, it's shown in the layout above with a Celebration paper;

Download Happy New Year Word Art


I have to admit ... I really love this ... lol.

and .. I would really love to hear your comments~!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Quickie ...

Whoa ... I've got a busy day today. Laundry, shopping, cleaning, pay some bills plus I really want to finish these dvds I'm working on etc etc ... I cannot believe today is the 16th!!! So todays post is going to be quick.

For those of you who took the time to vote for my scrapbook pictures at Artscow on Facebook, thanks. Two of my three pictures won a runner up prize of $10 each ... lol. I was shooting for the bigger prizes but hey, it's better then nothing.

For those of you who don't belong to Artscow you really should go see the amazing products they have at GREAT prices. Everything can be personalized and what a great way to use some of your scrapbook embellishments~! It's free to join and new customers get free items, plus they always have great promotions like free shipping etc. I would recommend them to anyone as far as quality, price etc. You can go to the forum there and see how everyone is raving about their purchases. They also have a gallery where people post pictures of the items they have bought, it's really neat to see. Another great thing is they have a 'Special Sale' tab you can go to and see items at great prices.When you purchase one of those items just copy and paste one of the available sale codes at checkout and the item is discounted right away.

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Anyways, this was supposed to be quick

Today these Page Toppers went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart;

These span across a 12x12 inch page and the lettering is transparent. So they look different with different papers underneath. Yes, it's almost New Years ...

You can get these 3 Page Toppers for only $1.50 here or just go through LLL Creations under the Word Art category.

And my promotion is still on~!

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Todays freebie is for those moments when we find ourselves overwhelmed by all the hustle of and bustle of Christmas ... lol.

Download Bah Humbug Word Art Freebie


We've all had them, right?

Have a great day~!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Mad Rush ...

Are the malls nuts or what? The malls are just crazy around here no matter what time of day or night you go. Our local Walmart is open 24 hours until Christmas and I would love to go at 3 am. just to see if anyone is actually there ... lol. I still have a bit of shopping to do but we really don't have alot of people to buy for.

Before you know it, it's going to all be over anyways. And then the Christmas spirit leaves and it's back to the Winter Blahs ... lol. I have no idea why but I think this winter is going to go by quickly.

I'm in the middle of transferring all my old videos over from super 8 film to dvds. I bought this box called DVD Xpress and you basically plug your video camera (or vcr or whatever) into the box and the box into your computer and it comes with a program that transfers the videos onto your computer. Then you can put them onto dvds. Its time consuming but it will be worth it. I haven't watched most of these videos in years. I realized I think I have more videos of my late cat Whiskey then of my actual daughter ... lol. I litterly have hours and hours of him including his one year birthday party complete with cake, hats, noise makers, treats and singing~! He was a great cat and lived to be 13 years old. He's been gone now for almost 6 years and after seeing the videos it made me miss him again. I don't take videos anymore but after watching some of these I realized that I should be. Photographs just don't replace videos no matter how good they are. So that is my goal for next year - to take more videos.

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Thanks to the people that have Facebook and have voted for my daughters engagement scrapbook for the Artscow contest. If you haven't voted for me you still have until the 15th and I would really appreciate it.

Just log into your Facebook and go HERE and click 'become a fan' of Artscow (you might have to go to their main page to become a fan and then click back to contest page) and my pictures are the 2nd picture on page 1 and the 4th and 5th pictures on page 3. Just go to those pictures and click 'like' under the pictures. You can always go back to the main page after you vote and stop being a fan if you want.

Thanks ~! I would REALLY appreciate it :-)
It would be a really nice thank you for the freebies since I never ask for anything in return ~ except maybe a thanks ... lol.

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Today I put these Christmas Page Frame Overlays into LLL Creations Dollar Mart.

Use any paper underneath and you totally change the look of a page.
(Click picture below for closer views of the 5 styles)

There are 5 different overlays for only $1.00. You can get them here or just go through LLL Creations Dollar Mart under the Overlays category.
Below are a few layouts using a few of them.

Word art available here.

And don't forget you get this full Plaid Alpha set with any $5.00 purchase until December 31st!

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Today your freebie is the 'Oh, Christmas Tree' Frame that I have in one of the layouts above.

Download Oh, Christmas Tree Frame


Love to hear your comments~!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

4shared Problems

4shared had a few hiccups this morning. For those who had problems with the password all seems to be fixed now.

Friday, December 11, 2009

No sooner said ...

Well, I think I jinxed myself. My last post was on the 9th and I actually had preposted the night before and set it up to post at 7 am. I was saying that we had a 'little' snow and that last year on Dec 9th 2008 we had a huge snowstorm. Well it was no sooner posted and it started to come down ... and it came down ... and it didn't stop all day ... lol. Sooo ... on Dec 9th 2009 we also had our first big snowstorm of the year. And then me posting the word art "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" might of also had something to do with it. Strange ... lol.

Early that morning I had filled up all the bird feeders and put out suet etc. I'm really glad I did because the poor little chickadees have been just gorging on it. I have no idea how these tiny birds survive all winter. Actually many of them don't. But if I can help keep the ones around here alive, I will~!! I think they are so pretty and love the sound they make. I find they are getting tamer and tamer compared to a few years ago when we first moved here.

The other birds that have been around alot lately are the hawks and falcons.

They usually sit on top of a dead tree in the conservation area. They sometimes sit there for hours. They are obviously hunting but I've never seen them get anything and I'm glad I haven't. I realize they have to eat but I just don't want to see it. Like I've said before I notice when they are around, the woodpeckers and larger birds are no where to be seen. The chickadees still seem to go about their business. They must not have enough 'meat' on them for the hawks ... lol.

Do you realize that two weeks from today is Christmas day?? That's nuts! And 3 weeks from today it will be 2010!!! That's even nutser ... lol.

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Today I put these cute Christmas Ornament Frames into LLL Creations Dollar Mart.

They have the 'glass' overlay and the layout below shows the size on a 12x12 inch paper. These would be great for doing individual Christmas pictures of the kids, grandkids etc.

You get all 3 frames for only $1.00~ Get them here or just go through LLL Creations under the Frames category.

The paper is part of the Deluxe Christmas Paper pack found here.
And the word art is part of Christmas Word Art #2 found here.

And don't forget my promotion ...

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So since New Years is also creeping up on us ... this is your freebie for today;

Download New Years Stick Pins Freebie


I honestly didn't feel like doing another layout for the stickpins so I just stuck one on a layout I already had so you can see the size ... lol.

"I'm Party Trained" word art available here.
Diamond swirl designs available here.

As usual your comments are really appreciated. Thanks.