Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 6 ~!

Wow, this is much harder then I thought it would be. Today will be day 6 and even though I'm hoping the worst is over, the mental addiction is horrible. My mind is telling me I need one and it's funny because I imagine having one and the thought of it is not pleasant. The 'physical' craving is not there anymore, it's definately all mental now. My husband went out on Saturday and bought a pack. He had a couple on Saturday and again on Sunday. :-( If I stay strong and never smoke again I know he would never smoke in front of me and if it was possible to actually just smoke 2 a day that would be great. But from everything I've read it doesn't stay like that. Maybe today he will be stronger. Maybe today my brain will shut up! LOL
Thanks for all the words of encouragement that I have received.

Todays freebie is:

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Arlene said...

Day 6 - WOW!!! I'm blown away Lil. That is SOOOOOO awesome. Cheers for you, and a l'il kick in the butt for your DH :-)

"if it was possible to actually just smoke 2 a day that would be great." I KNOW what you mean ... been there, done that ... doesn't work, LOL! Trust me.

Hang in there. Just keep saying, "You will NOT win Nico-Demon!!! I'm stronger than you, so just shut up."

F is for freedom. You CAN do this!

Sara said...

The freebies are absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 13 Aug [LA 12:05am, NY 02:05am, UK 07:05am, OZ 05:05pm] ).

kicksmom said...

Love the charms. Thank you for sharing.

Jody said...

CHEERING FOR YOU!! You can do it. WHen I quit my DH said he would too, but here it is almost two years later and he is still puffing up at storm (in the garage LOL)

Keep up the good work - don't give in - it is worth all the sweat and tears. As I said before I quit after 55 years and it is so nice not to be "smelly" anymore!