Monday, November 3, 2008

U.S.A. Election time!!!

Well, this was the first halloween that I remember in a long time where it wasn't raining for the little goblins. It was actually quite mild. We sat outside to give out the candy and had scary music going and everything. Unfortunately we didn't get alot of kids, I think because we are on a dead end street. The next few days are supposed to be gorgeous out! Yay~!!!

I'm really looking forward to watching the American election tomorrow. I've been following it for quite a while as I think alot of Canadians do. If I was an American I think I still would be in the 'undecided' group. I seem to swing back and forth between McCain and Obama. I actually think the best ticket would be John McCain as President and Barack Obama as Vice President ... lol. (Or maybe the most interesting one would be Obama and Palin~!!!) It's the Vice Presidential candidates that are throwing me off. Sarah Palin gets alot of slack but I do think she is a very smart woman - and she definately has balls!. I thinks she's learning alot but I'm not confident she's ready for that position. Then there is something about Biden that really bugs me, I can't really pin point what it is - but again I think he is a very smart man. Either way it will definately be a historical day for the United States and there will be some interesting years ahead!

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