Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You never realize how dependent you are on electricity until you lose it. We had a big storm a few days ago (right after I posted here) and our electricity went out. It stayed out for over 23 hours~! Here's a few pics of the nasty clouds we had right before the storm.

The storm didn't actually last all that long but it did rain for the rest of the day. But lightening had hit a major transformer in the area and a large part of the city was without power. Some people got theirs back that same day but we were out from 12:30 pm until almost 12 noon the next day. I couldn't vacuum, do laundry or run the dishwasher. DARN~! lol
But the worst part was I couldn't go on the computer. ***GASP***
It was a weird feeling. I could go on the laptop because the battery was charged but I don't have all my programs installed on it and I turned it on, looked at the screen and I couldn't get on the internet so I shut it back off. Then I walked around like a lost child for the rest of the day ... LOL~! My husband got a great laugh out of it. He said he had never seen me so ... squirmish. It rained pretty well all night but we still had a BBQ. Now I think I could of done without the tv, radio, stove and lights without a problem. Candles always work well and I have a booklight if I want to read. But ... no computer??? No blog, facebook or email??? I soon realized it wasn't the electricity I was dependent on, it was the computer. The next day when the electricity came back on ... turning on my computer was like finding an old friend ~!! LOL

And soooooo I decided to have an October Promotion;

See a closer view of the Halloween Word Art here

And I also put this into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Detailed view below ...

And the below layout shows the size on a 12x12 inch paper ...

You get all 12 months for only $1.00 - you can get them here or just go through LLL Creations Dollar Mart under the Word Art category.

And for today's freebie I have for you the last of the Travel Charms;

Download Travel Charm #4



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