Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back to Reality ~!

We'reeeeeeeeee Backkkkkkkkkkk!!!

What a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Nothing but laying in the sun, enjoying the pools, the Atlantic ocean and eating and drinking all you can manage ... lol.

The resort was very nice. The lobby was huge and this was the center point of everything. Most of the restaurants, entertainment, shops etc were right around the main lobby. Part of the lobby had a piano bar with different entertainment every night.

They had wonderful relaxing areas all around and lots of running water and beautiful scenery.

The rooms were nice and clean and each day we had something different made from towels on the bed.

The beach was narrow but with beautiful soft white sand, lots of cabanas and the ocean was deep blue and warm.

This is the position my husband was in alllllllll week~! lol

The restaurants were pretty good. Lots of variety, much more then other Cuba resorts we have been too. The variety of drinks was to die for ... lol.

The pools were very nice. Two massive pools on each side of the resort. One side had music and did activities around it. Kids were allowed in that section. The other pool was for adults only and nice and quiet. The pools were so large and there was never a problem getting a chair. Actually you always had a choice of where around the pool you wanted to be. This time of year the resorts are not crowded at all.

Cuba has changed though since we were last there. You can no longer use American money in Cuba to purchase anything. They now have their own currancy (CUC)(funny money as I call it) that has no value anywhere else in the world, nor can you exchange it anywhere else. So that is a bit of a hassle - plus their exchange rates are ridiculous. We did leave American money as tips but now they have to exchange it and lose some of it to their government. (Note: even though I'm Canadian we used to use American dollars in Cuba for everything. Even the $25 they charge you to get OUT of Cuba used to be paid in American ... not any more~!)

What we did do is bring gifts with us. (A whole suitcase full) Knick knacks from Canada and things for children. Plus we both went through our clothes before we left and brought them shirts, shorts etc. We tended to give that kind of stuff away to the workers who normally wouldn't receive money tips. We met this guy who's job is to trim all the trees and cut down the coconuts and basically keep the grounds looking beautiful. These guys are always in the background where not many people notice the hard work that they do. One day he was cutting coconuts behind one of the pools with a machete and started giving them to people at the pool.

My husband asked him if he would like a suit. (A good suit but my husband outgrew it The man was so happy. We found out he has a 12 year old daughter so we also gave him some shorts, some candy and some soap. You have never seen a bigger smile on someone. This man rides a bicycle 10 km's to and from work everyday. All the people in Cuba are on a salary whether you are a doctor or a farm worker. No matter what your job is you receive 12 dollars a month~! They have recently started to make some changes in this area where the harder you work the more you can make - but it's still not enough. Men have to work from age 18 to 65 and the women from 18 to 60. Man or woman, unless you go to University you must spend 2 years in their military. They are on food rations and never have enough of anything.

A couple we met at the resort had gone into the nearest town (Santa Clara) to go shopping and there was nothing to buy. The shops were desolate and bare. It's very sad the poverty in Cuba.

As nice as this resort was, I have to admit we've been to much nicer. And no matter how beautiful they make these resorts - the poverty just outside the grounds (whether it be Mexico, Dominican or Cuba etc) gives you a big reality check as to just how lucky you are. We had a wonderful relaxing vacation. It's also wonderful to be home. And today is my hubby's birthday so I really need to get off the computer ... lol.

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Since summer has come to an end I decided to have one last hurrah ~

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Arlene said...

Happy Birthday Prof!!!

Glad you and Lil had a nice relaxing vAcA! Wonderful idea about giving away clothes and gifts to the workers.

Try to ease back into reality :-)

Hugs, A & D

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