Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dedication to Mischief

This post is in dedication of Mischief. It's so weird not having him around. I find myself wanting to put out 2 cat dishes, looking at a certain chair he used to lay on to see if he's there, almost calling him for 'treat time' and constantly thinking 'I wonder where Mischief is' and then reality kicks in. Nemo is doing the same thing. Most mornings when we are having our coffee outside on the upstairs deck Nemo would run out with us immediately. After a few minutes Nemo would look in through the screen to see if Mischief is coming around to come outside too. Mischief was never in a rush. He would come outside when he felt like it ... lol. Nemo still does that, he looks through the screen into the kitchen for a few seconds and then I think he realizes Mischief isn't coming out anymore. It's so darn sad! But mostly I miss him at night. Mischief has always been a lap cat. He wants to sit on you all the time. At night he would come upstairs and I would have to lay on my back so he could do his 'trot' on my stomach and then he would lay down. I'm not a back sleeper so when I would turn, he would turn with me. If I was on my side, he would lay on my hip, if I was on my stomach, he would lay on my back. Sometimes I used to think he was a pain ... lol, but now I just miss it. :0(

So in dedication of Mischief I made some more Cat Overlays that went into
LLL Creations Dollar Mart

Cat Overlays #2

You get 4 cat overlays for only $1.00 ~ get them HERE.

And below you can see closer views against 12x12 inch papers ...
(Mischief in one of his many nap poses)

And Cat Overlays #3

Again you get 4 cat overlays for only $1.00 ~ get them HERE.

And below you can see closer views against 12x12 inch papers ...
(Mischief just contemplating his next move)

Animals are like our children, we take pictures of them, we put their pictures into frames and they are also part of our scrapbooks. They give us joy like kids and are part of our family. I often wonder how anyone could be cruel to an animal.

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Today I gathered up some copper frames I had made for various things and put them together for your freebie ... 5 of them!

Download Copper Frame Set

And the layout below shows one of the frames (This frame is semi-transparent) on a 12x12 inch layout.

NOTE: Cat word art is available here.
Hanging Heart is available here.
Paper is available here.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~~ Heat Wave ~~

Thank you all so much for your kind words about our loss of Mischief. We miss him very much and it's so hard to tell how Nemo is feeling. He seems a little off, very bored and meows alot. We have been bringing him outside on the deck with us a little more in the mornings and he likes that. It's probably my imagination but he seems to have this sad face when he's laying around. I'm sure it will take a while for all of us.

Baby it's hot outside~! We've had a full week of way above normal temperatures. And tomorrow it is supposed to be even hotter! So on went the air conditioning today. Last summer we only used the air conditioner 2 days the whole summer. I love the heat but today was even a little hot for me. We did get alot of outside work done this week though. I finished planting all my flowers and we cleaned out the garage. The evenings have been beautiful and we actully had a bonfire 3 nights in row. And ... I discovered that roasted marshmallows are great spread on chocolate chip cookies ... lol. You gotta try it!

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A few new things went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

First ... Metal Charms #10

These large detailed charms are only $1.50 for both ... get them HERE.

And a layout to show you the size on a 12x12 inch layout.
(Don't you just LOVE spring?)

And also I decided to add another Custom Made Item to LLL Creations ...

Custom Made Wedding Frame
including 2 custom names for only $3.00 ~ get it HERE.

This frame is custom made with the two names of your choice and fills a 12x12 inch paper.

It would be great for an album cover!.

Detailed views below ...

Below is an example (size shown on 12x12 inch paper) with two shorter names.

And the below example is with two longer names.
(NOTE: Letters are a little smaller with longer names)

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I love all the colours of spring and one of the colours I love is orange ... so your freebie for today is this 7 pc. paper pack ...

Download Orange Paper Pack #1
Orange Paper Pack #1 can now be found here

I used one of these papers in the 'Natures Beauty' layout above ...

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Friday, May 21, 2010

With A Sad Heart ...

Our wonderful cat Mischief has passed on. For the past few weeks we actually thought he might be doing better. He was eating more then ever but unfortunately still not putting on weight. But his spirit was up and he was acting semi-normal. But for the past few days he took a turn for the worst and it was obvious his hind legs were giving out on him and then yesterday he would stand and look at the food but not eat anything. Then he did the strangest thing and went and layed down in the bathroom and pretty much stayed there all day. Mischief never goes into the bathroom ... ever. We knew the time had come and we were prepared to put him down today. But last night we brought him up to bed with us and he was purring but very weak. We talked to him and he knew he was loved. When my husband got up at 7 am. Michief had gone downstairs in the middle of the night and passed away in the bathroom. I believe he wanted his life to end here, at home. From everything I've read it sounds like kidney failure which is very common with cats.

We had talked in the past about doing something with his ashes when the time came to put him down. But my husband suggested we bury him in the field behind our house where he had his last stroll just a few weeks ago. He made him a nice cedar box and lined it with linen and we said our goodbyes. We planted a cedar tree to mark the spot and I spread Forget-Me-Not seeds on his grave.

We weren't sure what to do about Nemo and decided to show him Mischief in case there was any chance he could then know why Mischief was no longer around. But it was obvious to us that he had already seen Mischief because as I held Nemo and approached the bathroom Nemo panicked and just wanted to run away.

We are both walking around like zombies today and just trying to stay busy. My husband is planting tomato plants and here I am blogging. I guess sometimes blogging is kinda like therapy.

Goodbye my dear friend, you will be missed.

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And to keep busy I have put some new quickpages into
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My Family Quickpages

2 coordinating quickpages for only $1.00 ~ get them HERE.

Detailed view below ...

and My Special Friend Quickpages

again 2 coordinating quickpages for only $1.00 ~ get them HERE.

and detailed views below ...



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Today your freebie is the 2 charms I made while creating the above quickpages ... enjoy~!

Download Charms Freebie

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Monday, May 17, 2010

What a longgggggggggg weekend~!

Whew ... I had a long weekend. Long but nice. We left on Thursday night and drove a few hours to my brothers place where we were staying overnight. Early Friday we all left for Michigan which was a 5 1/2 hour drive (plus another hour at the border) because my nephew Jordan was graduating from Northwood University on the Saturday. We checked into our hotel and we all went out for dinner. The next day the weather was just beautiful and the graduation was very nice. It was long because there were so many graduating but it was also very nice to see all these young people with such great futures ahead of them. They all looked so proud and they should be!

Hanging 'Dreams' Word Plaque can be found here.

We left late in the afternoon and had the long drive back to my brothers. My other nephew Eric came over and brought my great nephew Devin who I haven't seen in a few months and he has grown sooo much. He is just over 8 months old and sooo cute. He's also very strong and I wouldn't be surprised to see him walking soon.

Cute as a Bug wordart is part of Baby Boy Stamps found here.
Double Book Frame can be found here.

And then the following day my husband and I went to a Blue Jays game in Toronto on the way home. I was exhausted from all the driving ... lol.
But it was great to see everyone~!

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My daughters wedding is getting closer and closer so today I put this into
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Wedding Metal Word Plates

Consists of 22 different word plates for only $2.00 - Get them HERE

Full list below (click on any pic for closer view)

Detailed view below ...

Size of one shown on a 12x12 inch layout ...

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Today your freebie is this 6 pack Flower Paper Set

Download Flower Paper Set #1
Flower Paper Set #1 can now be found HERE.

You can see one of the papers used in the layout above of my nephews graduation.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Early Post and a Contest!

Ok, it's my husbands poker night again so I'm posting a day early ... lol. The rest of the week is going to be pretty busy. One of the things I am doing is painting. The last few weeks I've painted 2 hallways, a bathroom and one wall in my living room. My newest rage is painting one wall darker then the other walls, like an accent wall. And then today I painted one wall in my rec room, I'll be doing the second coat tomorrow. I love how paint can change the whole look of a room. Then we are also off to Michigan to see my nephew graduate from University. I sure hope it warms up because boy has the weather stayed chilly. I was really hopeful that the nice weather we were having was here for good, but I guess it wasn't to be. Mother Nature can really be a tease sometimes! lol

Ok, so I decided to run a contest.
(Click on picture for larger view)

3 Ways to Win~!

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* Send your layouts HERE *

Details at LLL Creations Dollar Mart too.

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Today these Pretty Page Clusters went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart;

Get all 4 clusters for only $1.00 ~ get them here.

Detailed views below ...

And a 12x12 inch layout to show you one for size ...

And on top of all that my May Promotion is still in effect and you get 4 free overlays for a $5.00 purchase.

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And your freebie for today is this I Love U Charm ...

Download I Love U Charm Freebie

And a layout of my cat Nemo below to show you the size on a 12x12 inch paper.

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(Cat on moon is part of Cat Bits #1 found here
Cat charm is part of Cat Charms #1 found here)

P.S. - Mischief seems to be doing much better. He's been more active and is eating like crazy. My husband says it all your well wishes so THANK YOU!
We are keeping our fingers crossed!