Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Celebrate your Country ~!

First off I wanted to show you this cute picture of these woodpeckers.

There was ALOT of woodpeckers born around here this year. They have been feeding on the peanuts we put out and in the picture above the mom was getting peanuts and feeding it to the baby. Many of babies have been coming to our backyard to feed without the moms and I guess because they have seen us since birth they are so tame! And funny!. They go to the back of our house and sit on the brick wall very close to us. And every once in a while you will hear a 'rap, rap, rap' and they are knocking their beaks against the deck. Just instinct I guess but they obviously don't know the difference between a wooden deck and a tree yet ... lol.

Canada Day is in just a few days and it's time to celebrate Canada. The weather is supposed to be nice so I'm hoping to see some fireworks somewhere. A few days later the United States celebrates Independence Day on the 4th of July where I'm sure fireworks will be abundant. No matter what country you are from it's always nice to celebrate where you live.

In honour of celebrating Canada and U.S.A. I have put these 2 frames into
LLL Creations Dollar Mart;

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Frame shown for size on a 12x12 inch paper below ...

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Whether you are celebrating Canada or U.S.A. or have some vacation pictures to scrap, these frames are unique and make a great layout.

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Todays freebie is this Happy Canada Day word art:

Download Happy Canada Day Word Art

Size shown on the 12x12 inch layout below:

Other items in the above layout are part of Canada Day Mini Kit available HERE.

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Stay tuned in a few days for 4th of July Word Art~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh beautiful nature ...

We continue to see different birds around here that we have never seen before. It's fabulous. One of the birds is a Baltimore Oriole which is gorgeous and bright orange. It hasn't come close enough to get a picture yet. And today we saw an Eastern Kingbird which is a dark bird with a white chest and also very cute. I tried to get pictures but I had to zoom too much and they came out blurry. But ... give me time ... lol.

We took a drive the other day just out of town to see if the Ospreys were nesting on the hydro poles like last year. And they were. We don't think the babies are born yet because we only saw the adults but they sure were protecting their nests.

Last year we went in August and saw the babies. I'm sure we'll go back a few more times this summer.

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Today I put this into LLL Creations Dollar Mart;

(Click on any picture for closer view)

Pretty Page Clusters #2 - 4 clusters for only $1 - get them HERE.

And the layout below shows one for size against a 12x12 inch paper.

Flowers word art available HERE.

And Thursday is Canada Day.~

I am normally a very proud Canadian but I have to tell you today I am not! The G20 Summit is going on today and tomorrow in Toronto and the protesters are causing so many problems. I am disgusted by their behavior and cannot believe what some people will do just to get attention. It makes me sick and I hope people realize that those people DO NOT represent Canadians~!!!

I do love Canada. And I know for scrapbooking it is hard to find Canadian items. So if you are looking for some I do have these in the shop;

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And for your freebie today is this Canada Paper Set ...

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Skies ...

One of the things that really fascinates me is the sky. It is always ... different ... lol. The other day it was a gorgeous sunny day out and around dinner time the clouds started to roll in. It was just amazing to watch. It actually looked like a dark funnel cloud right at the back of our house but the clouds were moving very quickly and it kept changing.

It was so interesting to watch. We got very little rain but we did hear thunder in the distance and saw lightening behind some clouds that were pretty far from us. Flowers, skies and birds ... 3 things I have sooooooooooo many pictures of. And the great thing about that is they are all cheap entertainment! LOL

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I have some new fun papers that went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Friends Papers - only $1 - get them HERE.

Detailed Views Below

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Detailed Views Below

And a layout showing one of the papers.

Scrapping Family and Friends is what scrapbooking is all about~!

June Promotion is still on.

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I had a request for my 2010 Date Stamps again. I thought I would post them as your freebie today since they will not be going into the shop.

The size is shown on the 12x12 inch Family layout above.

Download 2010 Date Stamps Freebie

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Babies, babies ... everywhere~!!!

The baby birds are out in abundance. Baby tree swallows, robins, woodpeckers, doves, grackles and so on and so on. The thing about birds is sometimes it's really hard to tell the babies from the parents as far as size. That's because most baby birds do not leave the nest until they are big. The only way you can tell most times is because one bird is feeding another and the 'cheep' is much higher with the baby birds. From a distance you would never know they are just babies.

The tree swallows that were nesting in our bird house spent a full day trying to coax the babies out of the house and they are now gone. That's the sad thing, once they leave the bird house that's it, they are gone. But it was fun to watch them. Last year I got to watch as each baby flew out (at least 6 of them). This year they tried all day and I guess very early the next morning they got the babies to actually come out and I missed it!. But I did get these cute pictures of the day they tried.

And the baby woodpeckers are so adorable. They have been around like crazy feeding on the peanuts and even though they are the same size as the mother they are much more clumsier ... LOL.

The mother is on the right and baby on the left.

The baby woodpeckers have been so fun to watch. They stumble and fall and aren't quite sure exactly what they should be doing but they follow the mom around and try to mimic her. They aren't as nervous as the parents and will land really close to you and just look at you. It's just amazing watching the cycle and how birds learn.

And then there is the baby grackles who for some reason ALL look bigger then the mom. So when mom is feeding the babies it looks ridiculous ... lol. And same as the baby robins they are as big as the mom when you get to see them but just clumsier and dependant still on the mom to get fed.

And why am I talking so much about babies?? Are you ready?? ... lol

I'm going to be a grandmother~!!!!!!

I've actually known for a month now and it was really hard to keep it in but my daughter found out she was expecting just 3 weeks before her wedding. She wanted to keep it hush, hush until she was sure everything was ok. And today she had an ultrasound and they saw a little blob with a heartbeat!!! LOL Soooooooooo exciting~!!! They are both so excited about being parents. My daughter is going to be 28 this year and has wanted children since she was a little girl ... lol. She will be a fabulous mother!

Even though I have known for a month now, I think its just starting to kick in. With the wedding and everything going on it didn't seem real. But now ... OMG ... she is due near the end of January. I don't want to be called grandma, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ... LOL.

And so here we go ... this is what went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

(Click on pictures for larger views)

Pregnancy Word Art #1 - 4 word art for only $1 - get it HERE.

The layout below shows one of the word art.
(This is my nephew and wife. Their son Devin in now 9 months old~!)

Pregnancy Word Art #2 - 4 word art for only $1 - get it HERE.

Such a special time to scrapbook~!
Darn, I better get the wedding one done first ... LOL.

My June promotion is still on ... get a free 'Father of the Year' Frame Free!.
Just in time for Fathers Day.

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And to celebrate all the baby birds that have been keeping me so occupied, this is your freebie for today;

Download Feathered Friends Word Art

As shown in the layout below that I've posted before ...

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Back ~~~~~

I'm finally back ... lol. Wow, what a week.

My daughters wedding was just fabulous on the 11th and the weather couldn't of been more perfect. Sunny and warm but not too hot. I actually got through my speech. Even though I was nervous I think I did ok, my daughter cried ... lol. Everything was perfect, the wedding, the reception it all couldn't of been nicer.

She got ready at her house with all the girls and this is her coming down the stairs with her Maid of Honour. She was breathtaking!

Click on any picture for closer view ...

(Here comes the bride word art available here)

After the ceremony they had pictures taken at a park by the lake. She had 3 photographers and they were like the paparazzi ... lol. She is going to have so many pictures.

(Happy Marriages word art available here)

This is me giving her a little kiss on the cheek .. ahhh ... I am so proud of her!!!

(Precious definition tag available here)

I've been spending the last few days organizing the pictures I took and also making a dvd of the video of the ceremony. I can't wait to get copies of the pictures from the photographers so I can start her scrapbook!!!

So of course the items that went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today are 'Wedding' related ... lol.

Wedding Quickpages
2 coordinating quickpages for only $1 ~ get them HERE.

Detailed view below ...

And closer views below with pictures in them ...

And also Mr & Mrs Frame - only $1 - get it HERE.

Detailed views below ...

and the below layout shows the size on a 12x12 inch paper...
(I just LOVE this picture!)

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My daughters dress was ivory and her husband wore an ivory shirt. The guys and girls wore blue and black.

They all looked fabulous!!! I'm sure I'll be posting lots more pics here ... lol.

I made some ivory papers to use in her wedding scrapbook and that is your freebie for today~!!! (The first 3 layouts in this post are using some of these papers)

Download Ivory Paper Pack #1 Freebie

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