Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's becoming a Ritual ...

It's not a Friday ... but it's still been a week since I posted. Sigh! I guess this is becoming a new ritual of mine ... but it's totally unintentional.

Last night just before dusk, I was outside and the sky was just amazing. One of the most beautiful skys I have ever seen. And I've seen some amazing skys.

It was one of those skys you just can't stop looking at because it changes so quickly. It went from pink, to purple to this amazing orange colour just before it got dark. It was spectacular!

I still haven't started my daughter's wedding scrapbook. She has most of the pictures but is still waiting for one dvd from one of the main photographers. I want to wait until I have them all to start it so I can compare and choose the appropriate pictures. I do know that there is alot of really nice ones and this is one of my favourites so far!

One of my favourites ... I have lots of favourites though ... lol.

The frame in the above layout is part of a set of frames that went into
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Your freebie today is this new Charcoal paper pack ...

7 beautiful rich papers for outstanding layouts ... Both of the layouts in this post are using one of these papers ...

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Even though I'm not posting as often, I'll hope you'll stick with me ...

Comments are appreciated. Enjoy the freebie and have a great weekend~!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

OK, That's a Little Better ...

Well, at least it's not Friday I'm posting ... lol. My shifts at work have been Sunday to Wednesday with Thurs, Fri and Sat off so it's hard during the first of the week to get on here. But here I am.

I've been really thinking about getting another cat. Mischief has been gone for about 4 months and I think Nemo really needs another friend. I'm just not sure if I want a young kitten or not. I'm thinking maybe a young adult cat might be a better idea. We'll see. Nemo and Mischief were very close in size except Nemo was taller. I know Nemo has long legs and the other day he was lying on the couch and I was shocked and just how long his legs really are when he stretches out ... lol.

He's such a character. I'm just hoping he will 'allow' another cat into his territory. Any tips that anyone can suggest about bringing a new cat into the house would really be appreciated! I'm not sure when I'm going to get one but it's something I think about alot now so who knows. Don't you think he needs a friend?

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Ok, so last post was all about baby boys. This week it's the girls turn. I put these papers into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Baby Girl Papers - Super cute papers - 6 for only $1 - get them HERE.

Detailed view of one of the papers below;

Again, the previews have lost tons of detail from downsizing them.
They are so much nicer full size.

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And as promised ... here is todays freebie:

Download Sweet Baby Girl Word Art Freebie

Have a great day ... I have housework to do!!!
I appreciate your comments~!

Friday, September 17, 2010

These 'Fridays' are NOT intentional

Ok, It's Friday again ... lol. This is not an intentional thing as I would love to be on here more often. I'm on day 2 of 3 days off in a row .. YIPPEE! The thing is I had to spend some time designing and here it is Friday again. Hopefully soon I'll get back to a more regular routine as my work schedule is looking much better~!

Autumn is just around the corner and even though the days have still been fairly nice it sure is getting cooler in the evenings. And many of the birds have been practicing flocking for the long flight they will be taking soon. I'll have to get a picture of the hundreds of starlings that gather in the trees behind us and take off in flight together ... it is amazing! The Canada geese are also flocking.

I know alot of people think they are just pests but they are such a majestic bird and I love watching them.

And all the birds are enjoying the seed we have been putting out. Some of them - especially the chickadees, finches and the woodpeckers are getting sooo tame.

The woodpecker below didn't mind at all that I was only a few feet from him. He knows who feeds him ... lol.

And so another summer has passed us by. I'm definately not complaining about this summer though ... the weather was amazing from May on. Now if only the upcoming winter will be like the last one ... which I didn't complain about either~~~

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Ok, lately all I can think about is babies ... lol. And with my daughter knowing she is having a boy I made these papers that went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Baby Boy Papers - Super cute papers - 6 for only $1 - get them HERE.

These papers are adorable and the previews do them NO justice! When I downsized them for the previews they lost all the details. Even the detailed view below does it no justice ... lol.

The layouts below have lost tons of detail ... in the white border across the top especially. But it will give you a glimpse of what they look like ...

So hop on over to LLL Creations Dollar Mart and take a look at all the great prices in so many categories~

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And in sticking with the 'boy' theme, this is your freebie for today;

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Have a great weekend.
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And not to leave the girls out ... stay tuned for my next post ... ♥

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Mothers Joy

Well, last weekend was fun ... but I have no idea what happened to this week! Friday again? Impossible!!! It feels like yesterday since I posted and it's already been a week. I'm really going to have to do something about that!

We went and stayed at my daughters last Friday night and got to see her growing baby bump. She looks great and both her and her husband are looking soooo excited. The baby has been really active and it's a really special time.

They are starting to get the nursery ready and went out and bought a crib. Cribs these days are so neat. The one she bought can be converted into a toddler bed and then later a full size double bed complete with headboard and footboard. Great idea! The one she bought is very similar to this one;

It's great because all cribs are pretty expensive so you might as well get one you can keep on using after the baby has outgrown it.

And then Saturday we all went to my great-nephews 1st birthday party. Oh my, has he grown! And is as cute as a button. Of course he was spoiled rotten and he enjoyed every minute of it. Here he is enjoying his first birthday cake ... lol.

(Note: Frame above available SOON!)

And that leads me to what I put into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Month Swirl Charms - 12 month Charms for only $1 ~ get them HERE.
One shown above in the birthday layout. These would be great for dating any type of layout!

And I have to say I don't know if I'll have time to have any more promotions because I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with this blog and my shop, so take advantage of the 'Back To School Promotion' which is only on for 5 more days!!!

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And for your freebie I have this word art for you ...
I used it in the first layout in this post for my daughter ...

Download Mothers Joy Word Art

Enjoy! And have a great weekend!!!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Almost the Weekend Already?

This week just flewwwwwwwww by! I can't believe today is Friday already. And I have today off ... and tomorrow ... back to work Sunday but then off again Monday because it's Labour Day in Canada. ~ Yippee.

But another busy day today because we are going to my daughters tonight and spending the night there so we can all go to my great nephews 1st birthday party on Saturday. We are going to try to leave this afternoon so we don't hit rush hour traffic. And I get to feel my grandbaby today ... YAY! Apparently the little munchkin has been kicking up a storm ... lol.

AND ... I get to see all my daughters wedding pictures and get copies on cds. Yay .. that means I can start her scrapbook. I wish there were more hours in a day ... lol.

I still haven't had a ton of time to design but it should get better in September. I did get a chance to make these cool frames though ... lol. So they went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Love Around Frames - 2 large beautiful chrome frames for only $1.50 ~
get them HERE.

The frame is transparent behind the words too so you have the option of putting the picture just in the center and showing the paper behind the words like this ...

Or putting the picture behind the whole frame so the picture is behind the words like this ...

Either way I have to say I really like these frames and I'm sure I'll be making more. Have any suggestions? Just let me know ...

And my Back To School Promotion is on until the 15th ...
don't forget to take advantage of it ...

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And wow ... it's September! And it's the first week and you know what that means ...

It's time for the September Frame Freebie ...

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If you are new to my blog ... well, I give away these frames the first week of every month. If you've missed any ... you can get them here. (Or if you don't want to wait for them get the Mega Pack there too!)

This frame fills a 12x12 inch layout. You can see the size on a 12x12 inch paper in THIS post.

Comments are really appreciated~! You can comment below this post or in my CBox on the right side of this blog~