Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where Do I Start???

First off ... a huge apologoy for my longggggggggggggggggg absence. I have no real excuses, no huge stories to tell (Ok, maybe a few but they really had nothing to do with me not blogging) - no real reason. Other then the fact I was getting tired and life seems so busy all the time. Days lead to weeks, and weeks to almost 2 months. Every couple of days I would tell myself "I have to blog tonight", but then I just didn't have the energy or drive to follow through. But here I am the day before Christmas eve and I have today off work and so I'm not moving from this chair until I'm done!!! LOL

I know I recieved many emails and I am very touched that so many of you were concerned. Thank you. Everyone here is fine and the cats are too~! I think after opening this blog in April 2008, sometimes posting 3 or 4 times a week, it just started to feel like a huge burden on me. I hope everyone can understand. I'm not going to shut it down and after Christmas my hours will be cut at work so I really am hoping to get back into some kind of normal routine. Even if it's just once a week. So don't give up on me yet!!!

My daughter is due in exactly one month. She looks so cute pregnant. But she is in that last stage where it starts to become uncomfortable. A few days after my last post we went & saw little Hayden in a 3D/4D ultrasound. It was so amazing! Watching him move around and yawn and even smile! Seeing his little fingers and toes, it was such a great experience.

All the dark areas are fluid. And that was almost 2 months ago so the little guy has probably changed alot. But we know he has all his parts! lol. We can't wait to meet him.

Now as far an Nemo goes, I know a few people asked about him. There is no short way to tell this story. When he got very sick at the end of October we saw a huge turn around after he was given fluids and antibiotics. About a month later (End of Nov) he got sick again. Same type of thing. He hid under the bed, wouldn't eat, drink etc. Of course it happened on a weekend and we had to force feed him and give him liquids by syringe into his mouth. He was very sick again. Back to the vet and had another blood test done. My husband mentioned to the vet that the last time he was on antibiotics 2 of the pills were wasted when Nemo spit them up and we couldn't get them back into him. The vet didn't think that had anything to do with it but my husband insisted he give him another weeks worth of antibiotics while we were waiting for the test results. We brought him home and immediately after the first pill we saw a difference. The next day the blood tests came back normal again. Weird. Each day with the pills he got better and better. The vet wanted to do all kinds of more tests of course but again he seemed so much better. Within a week of taking the antibiotics he was right back to normal. In the meantime we brought Bailey our cat in to get neutered. I had a thought that maybe Nemo was sensing Baileys masculinity as Bailey had started to mature, and maybe he could smell his 'maleness' and was put out by it. So many theories for this illness went through my head. Then I received an email from a cat club I belong to and the topic was 'Poisoness Plants to cats'. I printed it out but didn't read it right away. A few days later I sat down to read it and almost fell on the floor! I thought I was a 'good' pet owner and kept my cats inside and kept them safe. But I'm reading this information and at the top of the list is Lilies. As soon as I read it I thought about my husband bringing me Lilies a few months ago. I had taken pictures of them so I immediately went and looked at the date I took the pics. I took pictures of the Lilies on Oct 23rd, about a week after I had received them. Nemo got sick the first time on Oct 25th. Coincidence? Those Lilies lasted forever and even after the flowers fell off I kept the plant because it was potted and still nice and green etc. I finally threw the plant out after about another month. Hense Nemo getting sick again?. Either way I had googled it and was stunned at just how poisoness these plants are to cats. I never knew that!!!!! It can kill them within hours if they ingest ANY part of the plant, not just the leaves but the flowers (even dead flowers) the roots or any part. CAT OWNERS BEWARE - Lilies are put into many plant arrangements that you can buy - DO NOT allow them in your house. I have many plants in my house and Nemo is not a plant eater. My theory is that he might of 'played' with a fallen flower and licked his paws. I really have no idea but I do know we are soooooooooo lucky that both of our cats alive and well. I just hope there is no long term affects from this. The vet doesn't think so but again I never got any clear answers from him.

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I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2011.

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