Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy New Year ~!

Ok, I know I'm a little late ... tsk, tsk. But I'm here now and that's all that matters. Happy 2011 ~ Wow!

My daughter has not had the baby yet, her due date is actually the 25th but they will let her go until Feb. 3rd. He's almost here!!. She's really getting uncomfortable and can't wait to go into labour ... lol. They had a maternity photo shoot done around the Christmas holidays and had some really nice shots taken.

So any day now we are going to be grandparents. What an honour!

I have lots I could write about and I could go on and on ... but I'm going to keep this as short as possible. There is one thing I want to tell everyone though. My husband and I both went last Thursday for laser therapy to quit smoking ~!! Yay. And so far so good. We are non smokers ... we are non smokers. It is tough but we can do this!!!

Another thing I would like to talk about is Artscow. You've probably heard me mention it before. It's the place that I get my photo scrapbooks printed. They are in Hong Kong but deliver all over the world. They have great prices, a great assortment of products and great promotions etc. Lately I've taken advantage of a few of their great promotions and have received cosmetic bags, coin purses, pillows and all kinds of fun stuff. If you join their email list you are the first to know about the current promotions. If you join their facebook you get great deals for shout & sharing their promotions. Another cool thing they have is templates. So for example if you want a cosmetic bag but don't feel like designing one you just browse their templates and drag and drop your pictures into the template. No extra charge for the templates.

Anyways ... I have become a designer for this company and I have all kinds of free product templates available. So if you are looking for a nice personalized gift, I highly recommend Artscow!

Here is a link to my free templates:
Lil's Templates
(Notice because someone has a name with 'Lil' in it, this link also includes her templates.) But in the search field on this page you can actually type Lil + Cosmetic (for example) to see all my cosmetic bag templates. Or Lil + Umbrella - etc.

Here's a few of the cosmetic bags I have made and purchased.

You need to set up a free account with Artscow ...
It's so much fun making personalized gifts!

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So I went on a denim kick and this is what I put into LLL Creations Dollar Mart ...

6 denim papers - with stitching for great layouts ... get them here.

14 denim designs - great for so many layouts and subjects ... get them here.

6 really large denim frames. They really make your pictures pop. Get them here.

And a layout using some of these products with Bailey ... my little purrball ...

So come on over to LLL Creations Dollar Mart ...

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And as a 'forgive me' for not blogging very often ...
I have this freebie for you today;

Download 2011 Date Stamps

And nothing has changed - comments are still appreciated~!