Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Blue

Well, I didn't wait a month to post this time! Yay! 2 weeks isn't too bad.

Well, I was able to spend a little time with my grandson and he is as cute as a button! He's got the cutest little face and smiles when he is sleeping. The other day my daughter had a professional photo shoot done at her home and she got a sneak peak of a few of the pictures right away.

These are just so adorable! I'm looking forward to any chance I get to spend with this little guy. My whole family was able to get together last weekend and it was great. It's not too often we are all able to be in one place at one time. And it was very appropriate because Monday was Family Day in Canada.

My husband and I are both on Day 36 of not smoking! Whooo Hoooo. It feels great!!

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So here are the newest items that went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today:

These are very large frames as seen in the two 12x12" layouts above. They would make great album covers too!

Cutout Frames #1 - 4 beautiful large family inspired frames.
Get them for only $3 HERE.

and Cutout Frames #2- 4 beautiful large love inspired frames.
Get them for only $3 HERE.

So come on over to LLL Creations Dollar Mart
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And Artscow has more fabulous promotions on:

You can choose between one sided or two sided personalized cushions for this promotion! Just put the above coupon code number in at checkout. This is an amazing deal!

If you would like to see some of the FREE cushion case templates I have at Artscow where you can just drag and drop your photo's in ... go HERE.

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If you would like to see some of the FREE tote bag templates I have at Artscow where you can just drag and drop your photo's in ... go HERE.

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And my grandson inspired me to create some Baby Blue papers ... and I'm feeling generous ... so here is your freebie for today:

Download Baby Blue Paper Set - 14 PAPERS!

A few of these papers were used in the layouts at the beginning of this post.
Have a great weekend!

As usual, I love to read your comments~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Long Post ... grab a coffee ... :-)

He's here............. my new little grandson arrived on February 2nd~!!
A week late and stubborn until the end ... lol.

My daughter was told by her doctor that if she didn't go into labour by Jan 31st he was going to start inducement as she would be almost a week overdue. My daughter had told me that if when the time came if I could make it there on time (we live 200 km's apart) I could go into the delivery room with her and her husband. Well, no problem there, I just took a few days off work and went there on the night she was going to be induced ... lol.

So on the evening of the 31st she went into the hospital, received some gel and was told to go home and if nothing happened come back in the morning. Well, we sat around and even though she was getting contractions they were not regular and she had been getting contractions for weeks anyways. Next morning back to the hospital and she was admitted and they started monitoring her and the baby. She just wasn't dilating. We spent most of the day there and they actually gave her more of the gel to help start dilation. We were shocked when they told her to go home again and come back when the contractions start getting stronger~! (It's sure not like it used to be!) So back home we go and after many hours the contractions did start to get stronger ... so back to the hospital we go.

Hours go by ... no progress. Well, the contractions were getting stronger and they were steady but she just wasn't dilating. They finally gave her some pain meds and eventually epidural but she still no progress. It was a very exhausting day for all of us. We sat around watching the babies heartbeat on the monitor, alot of small talk ... some laughter and a few tears with worry etc. Finally in the wee hours of the next morning they told her she was going to have a c-section and that the baby obviously was not ready to come out any other way. Because it was going to be a c-section only her husband was allowed in the delivery room. The next almost 2 hours were the longest hours of my life!! lol

Little Hayden was born at 3:09 in the morning, weighing 6 lb. 12 oz. and mommy, daddy and baby are doing great! And I am a grandma and so in love with this little guy!

He's so tiny but just perfect. Even though no one was expecting a c-section and at first it was a little upsetting, scary etc., once Hayden was born everything was just fine. When I got to see him for the fist time my heart was just full of love for him instantly.

Such an exciting time in life~!!!

((*** - Congratulations Sue on your granddaughter~!))

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More news ...

My husband and I have been non-smokers for over 3 weeks now! Yay ... we are over the hump and well on our way. I am so proud of us and so happy that we have been able to do this. I truly believe we will never smoke again.

And more news ...

If you read my last post about Artscow and are interested I thought I would let you know they have a few amazing deals on right now.

*** First off they have Personalized Recycle bags on for $2.99 including FREE worldwide shipping! ($3.99 for double-sided)
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If you don't feel like creating your own you can use any of my FREE templates and just drag and drop your picture in it. (Things on templates can be moved around too~!) My Recycle bag templates are here:

Lil's FREE Recycle Bag Templates

*** And another GREAT offer is any 3 cosmetic bags for $9.99 with FREE worldwide shipping! This deal is awesome and you can get any size (they have small, medium, large and XL - the XL is regular $13.99 for one~!)
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I showed you some cosmetic bags I had ordered in my last post and here are some more I received. The pictures really do them no justice. The colours are fabulous! All these bags I have as free templates at Artscow.

If you have ANY questions about Artscow I would be more then happy to answer them. I love this company. It is in Hong Kong so you have to be willing to wait a bit for your items to arrive but they are worth waiting for!! (My next post I'll take a picture of the cat blanket I got from Artscow - I LOVE IT~!)

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And now ... here are some new items I put into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today:

Valentine Paper Pack #3 - 6 valentine papers that are ready to go... no need to add anything else, words etc are part of paper. Get this paper pack for only $1 ... HERE. (See layouts at the shop)

Also Diamond Hearts and Lines - 8 beautiful diamond embellishments that really add sparkle to your layouts. Get this kit for only $1.50 HERE.

And last but not least ...

Assorted Chrome Frames #1 - Get these 4 large chrome frames with beautiful details.
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The layout below shows one of the frames on a 12x12" paper and a few
of the diamond hearts and lines embellishments.

So go on over to LLL Creations Dollar Mart and see all the great items I have to offer at dollar store prices~!

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And FINALLY ... what you actually came here for ... lol.

Here is your freebie for today ... enjoy~!

Download Red Hot Paper Pack

6 Red Hot Papers for Valentines day and much more~!

As always I love to read your comments ... have a great weekend and a fabulous Valentine's Day!