Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring, Sun and Earth Hour

Happy Spring~! (if you are living in the northern hemisphere). And just on cue when Spring arrived here we have had the sun shining almost everyday. It's still pretty cold out most days and alot of Ontario has even been hit with snow over the last week, but with the sun shining it really takes away that 'blah' kinda look outside. And also right on cue the birds have been chirping and arriving back in Canada. Spring is definately my second favourite season (summer being first) because everything truly just comes to life again.

Yesterday was Earth Hour all over the world. Did you participate?

Earth Hour 2011 Official video

This great idea started in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and has spread world wide. All of us can make a difference, one person at a time~!

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Another great promotion at Artscow!

These include single AND double sided (they have different shapes) and are a great deal~! $1.99 each with NO shipping! (When you add them to the cart, they will come up $6.99 plus shipping but add this coupon code before checkout: TAGME199
and they will be $1.99 each, no shipping)

I couldn't wait to order these. Many people who had ordered them posted pictures when they received them and everyone has been thrilled. They actually have a hard plastic coating on them and apparently are really nice. They even come with the chain (which can easily be made smaller) and alot of people make them smaller to hang off their purse etc.

I have many FREE templates at Artscow you can use for the Dog Tags HERE.
(Just drag and drop your pictures into them)

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So ... I ended up making a Mega Kit (Something I said I would never do). Of course it didn't start out that way. But I was having so much fun with it that it just grew and grew. So officially this will be the 1st ever Mega Kit put into
LLL Creations Dollar Mart. Also the first Kit that is over $3.
But it's worth it ...

Heres a peak ...

Fun With Photos Kit - Get it HERE

So many items! He's an individual look at the whole kit ...

Also includes 6 quickpages to show you what you can do ...

And here's some examples of pages you can make ... so fun and unique~!

The possibilities are endless and it's really fun to play with.
Get this Mega Kit for only $6.99 HERE.

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And of course your freebie for today ...

Download Little Angel Word Art

And my little angel of a grandson is the star attraction in the
layout below to show you the size of the word art on a 12x12" paper.
(Of course he's also in the layouts above for the Fun with Photos Kit examples)

Hope it's sunny in your part of the world.~ Have a great day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Giveaway Contest

I’d like you to know about a contest that they are having over at, a digital scrapbooking website with a ton of wonderful kits and fantastic digital scrapbooking software. Please visit the following page to enter for a chance to win a $25 store credit:

My Memories Giveaway
Don’t forget to mention that I sent you - they will want referrers email(


P.S. While you are there, here’s a $5 coupon: 5M11RP
(but use it quickly – it expires 3/24/11)

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Few Announcements ...

Make sure you read ... it might be worth your while~! :-)

First off I've started to sell my designs at My Memories. YAY! I'm just a new designer there so it will be awhile before I have alot of my kits up on their site. But the one thing I will say is I am a total supporter of their scrapbooking software MyMemories Suite v2.0. It's easy to use and has easy drag and drop features. Your kits are readily available to use in this program and the pages you create can be saved in several different formats. You can also make videos of your scrapbook pages with narration and everything. If you are new to scrapbooking and looking for an easy way to put your pages together, this is the program for you!

They are also having a giveaway for Friday - Saturday and Sunday of a $25 credit in their store!!! So go HERE and enter and that will pretty much buy the software for free. Or you can spend it on scrapbooking kits too.

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Another announcement ... Artscow is having another GREAT promotion until April 1st. This time on Cosmetic Bags - 3 for $8 - any size - INCLUDING SHIPPING!! That's nuts, I have no idea how they do it but I have ordered these several times and they are great. The XL one can be used for anything.

Just put in this code: IWD38BAGS
at checkout (after you have 3 cosmetic bags in your cart) and it gives you the $8 promotion price. Unbelievable! If you want to use any of my FREE Cosmetic bag templates you can see them HERE. You just drag and drop your picture into the template.

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And here's a few new items I've put into LLL Creations Dollar Mart.
(I know I'm big on frames ... lol)

Window Frames #1 - 2 really large window frames really make a unique scrapbook page. Get them here for only $1.50~!

The layout below shows how large the frame is on a 12x12 inch page.
The picture is one of my favourites of my new grandson.

Window Frames #2 - 2 more large window frames.
Get them here for only $1.50~!

And another layout to show the size.
And another favourite picture of mine. My grandson and his dad. So cute!

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And probably the main reason you came here ... todays freebie

Flower Sprays ... 10 pretty flowers that are great for any kind of layout. See one on the first layout in this post.

Download Flower Sprays

Have a great weekend ... and don't forget to enter the draw at My Memories. (Link at beginning of post) Winning is fun!

As usual, comments are always appreciated.