Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Hi everyone... Just wanted to do a quick drop in and say I hope everyone has a fabulous Mothers Day weekend! Yep, Mothers day should be celebrated for more then 1 day in my opinion ... lol.

 Well my grandson is 2 weeks old tomorrow and he is doing great. He is still in the hospital but is progressing beautifully. The only thing left is the feeding tube and we are expecting that to be gone very soon as well. He has taken to breast milk and drinks out of a bottle now and they are just waiting for him to do 48 hours of strictly oral feedings. The problem with preemies is they tire fast and feeding is very tiring for them. (Hence the feeding tube when he is too tired to take it orally). But he is getting stronger everyday!

Last Sunday his brother got to be near him for the first time and it was precious.

I also wanted to let you know about a GREAT sale I have going on for Mothers Day!

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What are photobooks? Well, if you own My Memories Suite then you can use these 22 page books as a quick book already pre-made. But thats not all. All of the pages can be changed. Want to move something, add something, take something away? No problem. These pages are great for a quick book, great when you don't know how to start a book and a great start to a larger book. BUT ... you also get all the papers and embellishments separately as well! So technically you don't even have to own My Memories Suite. In the download the kit will be there seperately.

And right now at 50% off the photobooks are cheaper then just buying the kits!

Here is an example:

Vintage Sepia Photobook

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In the meantime I have a special Mothers Day gift for you on my facebook page.  This beautiful Mothers Day frame is now my exclusive freebie there.

And to honour my own mother I did this layout using the frame.

So come on over to LLL Creations and get this exclusive freebie. And join in on the fun. Yesterday I gave away 5 $10 gift certificates to my shop for just a comment!

Have a great Mothers Day weekend.  Hope it is sunny where you are and full of love!

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