Thursday, June 28, 2012


Alright, if you have not been following my posts on my facebook page then you have missed out on quite a few 99 cent deals.

Since my last post I've posted one every day and all of them have stayed on sale for 5 days.  But I thought I would drop in and show you the ones that are still in effect since then.

Round Paper Mats #1 - 99 cents

Get it HERE.  But only until June 29

Victorian Dream Kit- 99 cents

 Get it HERE.  But only until June 30

Sunsets & Skies Papers- 99 cents

 Get it HERE.  But only until July1

Inspirational Template- 99 cents

For the template you get 6 pre-made pages (to use if you own My Memories Suite) plus you get all the papers and embellishments separately as well!

 Get it HERE.  But only until July 2

and Tropical Vacation Frames #1- 99 cents

 Get it HERE.  But only until July 3

And I still have 2 daily 99 cent deals to go...

So come on over to my facebook page and get the updates to all the sales etc.

Plus ..while you are there, get my latest exclusive freebie!  It's under the 'Exclusive Freebie' tab.
It changes often but once you 'like' my page you have access to all the current freebies.

Here is the current freebie...  Get it here.
Journal a Page ... 

And here is what  I used it for ...

I would LOVE to see what you use it for.  Come on over to my fb page and post it.

Have a great day, week and weekend.  :-)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day Weekend!

Well, the weather here has been great and I've been trying to spend some time outside as much as possible.  Today we went fishing.  Fun!

I just thought I would pop in and tell you about some more 99 cent deals I have going on since the last post.  A new 99 cent deal every day for the rest of the month.  Each item that is randomly picked goes on for 99 cents for 5 days .. Here are the newest ones ...

First off...

Assorted Stick Pins .... 99 cents until June 19th ... get them HERE.

And then there is Garden Hangers ... 99 cents until June 20th ... get them HERE.

And Precious Pink Template ... 6 premade pages that can be changed and also the papers and embellishments seperately as well. Get it for only 99 cents until June 21st... that's 80% off! Get it HERE.

And todays random 99 cent item is Cutesy Frames. Only 99 cents until June 22nd! Get them HERE.

To find out what 99 cent deals I have going on DAILY like my facebook page as I will be announcing a new one every day ... all month.

PLUS ... I have a new exclusive FREEBIE on my facebook page ...
Just in time for Fathers day ..this Father Frame ....

 Get it HERE under the Exclusive Freebie tab.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Celebration Time!

I am celebrating! What am I celebrating you ask? 500 items in My Memories shop that's what!

To celebrate I am picking a number between 1-500 randomly every day for rest of the month. That item will go on sale for .99 cents for 5 days~ (If it is a .99 cent product I will pick again). I started yesterday and I picked #97. And counting from the back (from my first item in the shop) it is 'Dance Word Art'!

So get it HERE until June 18th for only 99 cents!

And today I picked # 342 and that item is 'Friends Forever Kit'. Woo Hoo!
You get the kit including the papers shown too!

Get it HERE for only 99 cents until June 19th!

A different 99 cent deal every day until the end of the month!

If you want to know exactly what items are going on for 99 cents I will be posting it daily on my facebook page. So come on over and join in on the fun!

Go to  LLL Creations on Facebook

Or if you just want to browse through my shop go HERE.

You have to have an account to purchase from My Memories but membership is free. Then you also have access to all the freebies in the 'Freebie' category too! You don't have to own My Memories Suite program to purchase any kits there either. All purchases are available as a general zip file. But if you don't own My Memories Suite what are you waiting for?. Digital scrapbooking has never been easier! This program is great for the beginner and advanced scrapbooker and they have free video tutorials and their facebook page is an awesome place to get a quick answer to any question about the program. (with 17000 plus followers!)

 My Memories on Facebook

Use this code to get $10 off My Memories Suite!


When you get your confirmation email don't forget to read it because there is a $10 code in that email to use on anything in their shop!! PLUS ---- forward me that confirmation email and I will give you $10 worth of stuff from my shop!!

Awesome deal!!!

And while you are on my facebook page pick up my latest exclusive freebie. I change them often so don't miss out!

                                            My Current Facebook Exclusive Freebie

Ok ... and I have another little freebie for you. These 'Rose Quick Mats' are great for a quick page but you can add embellishments and whatever else you want to them!

And I put some of my daughters engagement pictures from 3 years ago into them just so you could see them with pictures.

Get this freebie HERE.


Have a great day and I hope to see you on my facebook page!