Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The BEST deal around!

Ok, a quick post BUT an important one!

I am offering the BEST deal around to purchase My Memories Suite.  If you have come to this blog, you must be doing digital scrapbooking.

But is the program you use super fun?  Is it easy?  Are there tons of options to get exactly what you want done on the page?   Can you use the program you are using for basic and advanced techniques?  Can you use the same program to create cards and tons more hybrid projects?. Can you use the same program to create slideshows of your finished pages to share with your family and friends on dvd or even on an ipad?  Even if you don't care about any of those features, can you adjust your shadowing, mats, size placement with just a click?  Can you pick a premade shape, add any paper to it and use it like an embellishment?.  I could go on and on about the features My Memories Suite has.  But I would have to blog all night!

And I have this great deal going on that I want to tell you about  ....

That's right ... for limited time I am giving away $20 worth of stuff from MY SHOP to each person who purchases My Memories Suite and follows the above directions!!

That's a steal!  You can download the trial version if you want to try it out first.  Just go to the link to purchase it HERE and click on 'Try it Free'.  You will not be able to save anything you create but it will give you an idea about the program.  I truly love this program and I am not just saying that.  I tried so many scrapbooking programs before this one and I didn't like any of them.  If you need help, ask me on my facebook page ... or go to their facebook page and ask there, you will get an immediate response because they have almost 18,000 followers!   But if you download the trial, don't forget you only have until August 28th to get this deal!

Ok, sooo run .... because deals like these don't come around very often!

Be back soon  ...

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