Thursday, December 6, 2012

Have a Holly Jolly December!

Hi everyone!  Are you in a 'Christmasy' mood yet?

I am having the best deals of the century going on over at my facebook page.  Well, actually they start there and then the deals are actually in my shop at My Memories!

People are starting to get in the spirit and there's some competition going on!  Come on over and play ... it's fun when YOU get to pick the kit!  If yours isn't first you still get the deal that came first ... 99 cents for 24 hours!  Some amazing ones have been picked already ...

Snowy Day Kit
Vintage Sepia
Ebony and Ivory Photobook
Vintage Sepia Photobook
and last night:  A Year Wrapped Up Photobook! (Which is still on until midnight!)

All the above have been 99 cents for 24 hours so far..
I wonder which one will win tonight??
Come over to my facebook page and play ...and find out!!
Participate and have fun!
(And pick up my latest exclusive freebie while you are there!)

Come over HERE!

And just to help you get in the spirit ... here's a little freebie for you~

Get it HERE

Password is: comeplay

~Have a great day~

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