Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Rules - Your Advantage!

I just wanted to make everyone aware that rules are meant to be broken. Right? And this is a good thing sometimes. I got thinking about my offer. With all the different time zones and everything, it doesn't make sense to have a 4 hour offer. I have to admit at 1st this was not the reason. I actually couldn't figure out how to take the sale off after 4 hrs! lol (I'm just being honest!) BUT ... having said that it did get me thinking how unfair that would be anyways. They say everything happens for a reason ... I'm thinking that's why this happened. Soooooooooooo.... My new rules ... same as before but the item stays up for 24 hours! Wooooooooo Hoooooooooo.

So come over to my FACEBOOK PAGE , join in on the fun and YOU decide which kit is going to be 99 cents in my shop!!  


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