Monday, January 28, 2013

January ... finally almost over!

As pretty as I think the snow is ... enough already!!  We haven't actually had that much snow but we have been getting our share.  And cold!  Really cold!  I'm ready for spring .... bring it on!!!

Winter gives me the blahs, and makes me look around and want to change things ... lol.  So when I decided to paint the rec room luckily my husband was all for it too!  And we really changed it.  This room used to be light grey.  Drab.  Now we have 3 walls doen in the toasty colour and one wall done in the spriced cider!  What a difference paint makes!!!

Sometimes I find the idea of painting stressful.  But once you get going it really isn't all that bad.  And I'm always happy when it's done.

(I used 'Paint My World' for that layout available HERE)

I've added lots of new stuff to the shop since my last post.   One of my favourtie are these 'Glass Photo Covers'.

There are 3 different sets of six in different shapes and styles.  Or you can pick up the bundle of all 18!!

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Also a cute kit just in time for Valentines Day ....

Love Is All You Need ... come check it out HERE in my shop.

But this kit is not just for Valentines Day ... we love all year long, don't we?

And check out these cute little 'Valentine Love Word Bits'~!!
You get 30 cutes little love sayings ... and again, not just for Valentines Day!!

They should be live in my shop in a few days .... so come on over to my shop HERE.

And speaking of love... I've got a new Exclusive Freebie for you ...

Love Frame is large and is great for ... any occasion!  LOL.  So come on over to my facebook page and pick us this latest exclusive.  If you already 'like' my page you will know that I change them often and are exclusive to my page.  So stick around ...

LLL Creations on Facebook

LLL Creations at My Memories

Have a great day~

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lucky 2013

Happy 2013 everyone!

Another year has bit the dust and it's time to move forward and get things done!  I hate making resolutions that I have a 'huge' chance of failing at.  So basically I make myself small goals that I know I can accomplish and work from there.  This is going to be the year of organizing.  I'm actually a pretty organized person (my husband thinks I am the most organized person he has ever met!) but I still have some things to improve on.  Like my storage room - the place I put 'stuff' that I am not using.  Ok, stuff like Chistmas ornaments, seasonal stuff is fine.  But what about all that other stuff that I keep 'just in case'.  This is the year to use it or lose it!  That also goes for my closets and those other nooks and crannies that seem to hold things I forgot I even owned!  LOL

I also need to scrapbook this year.  Yep, me - do some scrapbooking.  The one thing about designing is you really have no time to actually scrap.  My one grandson will be 2 this year and I don't even have his 1st year book done yet.  My other grandson will be 1 and I haven't started his yet!  So ... this is a task I am going to do this year - get caught up on why I started this to begin with!!

On top of the scrapping I need to get done for previous years I am doing the 2013 Cover to Cover Challenge that My Memories has set up.

This SHOULD be easy for anyone.  2 pages a month (or more if you want) and by the end of the year you have a nice little book to print.  The group is a closed group but anyone can ask to join and Lisa will approve you so you can see the posts and join in .   You don't have to own My Memories Suite at all.  It's just a good group for inspiration and questions and ideas.  So if you need some inspiration and want to take the challenge ... request to join and get involved!

When I heard about this group and joined I was trying to decide what to do for the cover.  While thinking about it, I started making some 2013 stuff to try and give me some inspiration.  I came up with a few things and I thought I would share them as my new Exclusive Freebie on my facebook page. I am only using one of these things on my cover but I might fit the others somewhere into the book.   Sooooooooooo ............ here they are:

Lucky 2013 - get it HERE.

So come on over and get this newest freebie on my facebook page.

I change my exclusive freebies often, so stick around. I also show you the new kits that go into the shop and announce sales and promotions, have giveaways and try to give inspiration, tips and lots more. 

By the way, come on over and see MY SHOP at My Memories, great deals, lots to choose from and something for everyone!

Have a great January ... hope to see you on facebook.