Monday, February 11, 2013

February Fun!

February is a great month ... for quite a few reasons.

It's usually the worst winter month but getting February out of the way means spring is just around the corner!!  And that theory is proving true as we just had the worst snowfall in 4 or 5 years.

February 2nd was my grandsons 2nd birthday.  And we had the pleasure of having him at our house for 4 days that week and had a great time.  We brought him home on his birthday and had a great family party for him.  It was so fun!

February also means 'Valentines Day'. I LOVE Valentines Day.  It's just a special day to reflect on the people that you love in your life.

If you LOVE Valentines day, you might want to check out all the Valentines Day items in my shop.

Like these Valentine Stamps --->  HERE

or these Love Overlays ---> HERE

and so much more! (Take a look at my last post for a few more items pictured)  Or better yet, come on over to MY SHOP and take a look.

Another fun thing in February is my birthday which is the day after Valentines day.  This year my birthday falls on a Friday and I don't work on Fridays so that is awesome ... LOL.  Even better is the fact that the following Monday (Feb 18th) in a holiday in Ontario, Canada (Family Day) so that gives me an extra long weekend!  :)

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And another very special thing going on in February is .... 


How cool is that?  So I'm celebrating alot of things this month ... and you get to celebrate with me!
My whole shop is on sale ... BUT WAIT!  That's not all.   
Use this promo code at checkout:  LLLFeatured
and recieve an additional 25% off your order!!!
($5 minimum purchase - between February 11th - 18th only!)

The sales are great - the additional 25% makes it super fantastic!!

I would also that to thank everyone who has joined me on my facebook page.  It has been a great way to keep in touch with my customers and let everyone know about promos going on, new items, contests etc.  It also is a great place to ask me any questions you might have about my products or about My Memories Suite.  I enjoy it when I can help someone who might be wondering how to do something in the program that you are not sure about.  So please, don't hesitate to ask!! You do not have to own the program to shop at My Memories, they have general zip files to download the kits without having to install them into the program. Alot of people who own the program still download the general zips too.

And speaking of the program My Memories Suite v4 -- my offer still stands: (and it is awesome!)

Purchase V4 using this code: STMMMS29686
Get $10 off immediately using that code, you will be sent a confirmation email which will give you a $10 shop promo code to use anywhere in My Memories AND ... get $15 free product from my shop. Purchase using that code and just forward me the confirmation email (, choose $15 worth of stuff from my shop and send along the names of the kits you want to me. I will make sure that product gets put right into your downloads for free!

Go see the program (and try out the trial if you want first) HERE.

And want to win a $50 shopping spree in my shop?? 
 Go over to my My Memories blog to find out how!!!

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So ... I am changing my exclusive freebie to show some LOVE to all of my loyal facebook fans!
Thank you!!

Go to LLL Creations on Facebook HERE to get 'Just Hearts' new exclusive freebie. 
For a limited time ~ which is great for you because that means I will be changing it again soon!!

So have a great February.  Enjoy Valentines day and I hope you spend it with someone you love. ♥


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