Friday, May 10, 2013

Just a 'touch' of Spring ...

After all that lousy weather we had, we finally had a whole WEEK of nice weather.  It was amazing!  The sun seems to rejuvenate me ... seriously ...

I made the best of it by spending as much time outdoors as I could.  Gardening mostly and watching everything suck up the sun and watching things come to life.  Plants started growing, trees started budding, grass turned green and the birds were chirping.  It's amazing what happens with a little nice weather!!

Our 'community' seed bowl (which I've posted about before) has some new visitors.  Besides all of the birds, the rabbits, the chipmunks that have a regular spot each day at this bowl, we now have a pair of mallard ducks that are enjoying it.

They are getting used to us too!  They have been just walking on over and eating a little and then usually take a nap on the grass somewhere.  LOL.  I love it!!

Today it's back to raining.  But that's Ok, we need it.  Plus .. if it was great weather every single day, I would NEVER get anything done inside.  So once in awhile I welcome a rainy day.  :)

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 Have a great weekend ... if you have nice weather ... get out and enjoy it!!!