Saturday, August 31, 2013

Longggggggggg Weekend!

This weekend is a long weekend here in Canada.  Monday is 'Labour Day'.  In the States it is 'Labor Day' ... lol. (Yes, us Canadians put a 'u' in everything ... lol).  Labour day was created for a weekend of rest.  It's also the last long weekend of the summer and the weekend before the kiddies go back to school.  So alot of people have Monday off work, including me!  :)

There are so many signs that summer is coming to a close.  One of the sure ways to tell is by looking at what is and is not blooming in the garden.  Many things are done flowering but a few things are in their prime this time of year.

One of my favourite (notice the 'u' is the Hibiscus.  This one is called Luna Pink Swirl and it just starting blooming last week.  The flowers are large, about 6-8 inches across. The flowers only last a few days each but there are many, many buds on one plant and each day new ones open up. I love it!

Another favourite of mine is 'Black Eyed Susans'.  The plants are so easy to grown and are just a covered this time of year.  These flowers last for weeks!

I hope you've enjoyed your summer~!

I've got a LONG WEEKEND sale going on ... 

first off .. my WHOLE SHOP is on sale all weekend .... check it out HERE. 

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I also have a long weekend sale on 'Custom Frames'.

These custom frames are great for anything.  YOU decide what to put on them whether it be names, sentences, words of YOUR choice.  A great way to personalize a layout for everyday or special occasions!!   Come on over to my facebook page and look under the tab called 'Custom Made Frames' for more info!

Here are some examples of frames I made for myself!

The sky is the limit for these frames and there are MANY frames to choose from.  Come see...

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And while your are over at my facebook page, I've got a NEW exclusive freebie there too!

 There is a fun television frame, a remote and the 'Viewer Discretion' word art too!
It's under the 'Exclusive Freebie' tab NOW... Get it HERE.

  Here is a basic layout done with it, (to basically show you the size etc) but you could add more fun embellishments and make a really fun layout~

 I was thinking the kit called 'In the Spotlight' would have some fun embellishments to go with this type of layout~!

So I hope everyone has a great long weekend where ever you are! :)


Crystalnva said...

Boy the grandkids have really grown so cute..

Lil said...

Thanks Crystalnva... they are great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!