Wednesday, September 25, 2013


A quick post to tell you about a few things ...

First off ...
50 % off  ALL of my photobooks at My Memories!.

All of the photobooks are totally changeable ... you can move things, add things, take away things.  You can add or take away pages.  You are in total control.  You also get ALL the embellishments and backgrounds that it shows in the photobooks separately as well so you can use them in other projects.
This is a great deal and there is a wide variety of books to choose from.

THE LINK is to just my photobooks so you don't have to go through the whole shop to find them.

Come check them out HERE, this deal ends on Sept 30th!

You don`t have to own My Memories Suite to purchase from the shop.  And you don`t even have to own it to purchase the photobooks.   But if you do own it, the photobooks can be downloaded in 2 ways - as a  photobook file and/or as a general file (which will be the zipped embellishments and backgrounds shown in the book for use in other projects).  If you don't own the program you could still download the general zip file. 
Did you know that any purchases from My Memories stay in your account online?  It's great in case you need to redownload them at a later date for any reason.  It's a great backup!
The program is fabulous and this offer always stands ...
The software is $39.97 and worth every penny of that. 
But use this PROMO CODE at checkout and immediately get another $10 off.
You will get a coupon with your confirmation email for $10 off anything in the entire
My Memories shop.
PLUS - forward me the confirmation email (
and I will give you $15 worth of stuff from my shop.  You choose what you want.
So take the leap and get on board with this great program!
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And another nice little surprise.  I`ve added a BONUS freebie on top of my current freebie because I have hit 1300 fans on facebook!   (Well, 1297 but close enough ... LOL!) So head on over and pick up this bonus freebie HERE!
And thanks for liking my facebook page.  :)

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