Monday, January 20, 2014

January Hibernation!

January is just one of those months.  With the freezing weather and snow, I sometimes feel like I am in hibernation.  I start getting kind of claustrophobic too!  But ... the only good thing about that is I start to find inspiration to design.

So winter has it's pros and cons! LOL

Now first off ... I want to tell you that I've got a challenge/giveaway happening on my facebook page.
This is an easy way to win $25 worth of any product from my shop!.
So come on over to my facebook page and play!  I've got this post 'pinned to the top' of my facebook so go on over and read more ...

~~ -:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:- ~~
Ok, now new in the shop!
First ... 'Keeping Score Award Ribbons' - available HERE
Have someone who competes in tournaments or any kind of competition? Check out these Keeping Score Award Ribbons. But ... use your imagination, these could also be used for birthdays, anniversaries and much more!

And with Christmas behind us ... the next big holiday is ....
What started off as some borders ... turned into this ...

Deluxe Love Embellishment Pack ... available HERE

Deluxe Love Borders #1 - available HERE

Deluxe Love Borders #2 - available HERE
Deluxe Love Frames - available HERE
Deluxe Love Paper Pack #1 - available HERE
Deluxe Love Paper Pack #2 - available HERE
And of course there is a bundle!
Deluxe Love Bundle - available HERE
(includes everything above!)
And .. I've got some other items hitting the shop this week ...
Want a sneak peek?
Love Balloon Clusters #1
(Arriving in my shop this week - come on over HERE)
Love Balloon Clusters #2
(Arriving in my shop this week - come on over HERE)

Valentine Word Labels
(Arriving in my shop this week - come on over HERE)

And more to come since I've got some inspiration going on ... lol
~~ -:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:- ~~
And if you've read this far (you have read some of it, right?  lol)
then you are probably wondering what my next exclusive freebie is ...
Well ... it followed along with my inspiration this week ...
Hugs & Kisses Frame - My newest exclusive freebie!
Pick it up on my facebook page for a limited time! ---> HERE
And here is a layout I made with it ...
me and one of my favourite Valentines .. my oldest grandson!
So don't forget while you are on my facebook page to play to win the $25 shopping spree.  Since very few people usually play, I'm sure your chances of winning will be great.  But you can't win if you don't play!!

Have a great day, week and month!

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