Monday, April 21, 2014

Featured Designer!

Hi everyone...

This week I am Featured Designer at My Memories!  Woot!
Read my Featured Designers bio on their blog HERE.

My ENTIRE SHOP is minimum 30% off.  Even 99 cent items!

And not only that but I've got an extra special going on!
FREE with purchase!!

And tons of new stuff in the shop!

It would be a great time to try out these new Bookmark Templates!   Only $1.39 a set ... so fun to make!  You can use the templates with My Memories Suite and if you don't own the program you can still download the general zip file for the .png files to use in any program!
Go to JUST these bookmark templates HERE

If you don't own My Memories Suite but were thinking of trying it - Now is the time!!!
This deal is good until the end of the month dont' miss it!!
Check out My Memories Suite v5 HERE

And last but not least make sure you've picked up my latest freebie on my facebook page.
I'll be changing it soon.  And make sure you like my page and visit often because I've got another NEW Friday freebie being announced this Friday ... stay tuned!

And also make sure you've picked up this freebie in my shop ... only until the end of the month!


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