Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life is so busy ....

Wow, it does NOT seem like almost 6 weeks since I have blogged!   But yes, life has been busy!

Ok, I'll start by showing you some new items in my shop ... not all the new ones... but a few ... lol.

A Tranquil life...
You get everything in the next 4 previews!
Come on over and get it HERE

And there are matching add-on packs as well..

A Tranquil Life Borders - available HERE

A Tranquil Life Frames - available HERE

And if you have My Memories Suite there is also photobooks available!  The photobooks include the entire 'A Tranquil Life Kit'. (not the add-on packs)
Take a look at the photobooks for ideas on how to use the kit as well.

12x12 - available HERE
8.5x11 - available HERE
11x8.5 - available HERE

 ~~ -:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:- ~~

I also have a new series called 'Mystical Autumn'.
It started out as papers and grew from there.. so I've decided to package them all separately and together as a bundle.

Mystical Autumn Element Pack - available HERE

Mystical Autumn Borders - available HERE

Mystical Autumn Frames - available HERE

Mystical Autumn Papers - available HERE

And here is the Mystical Autumn Bundle ... HERE

And again .. photobooks.  But .. you get the entire BUNDLE with the photobooks.
Take a look at the books for inspiration too!

12x12 - available HERE
8.5x11 - available HERE
11x8.5 - available HERE

And .. there are MANY more new items in my shop too! Like a new denim series called 'Rugged Denim'.  Here's a peak at the bundle but everything is also sold separately and of course  there is photobooks.  (Check under Related Products when you click on the link for the bundle to see the other items)

Rugged Denim Bundle available HERE

  Too many to list here, so you will have to come on over to MY SHOP and take a look.

And you know the best part???
My entire shop is on sale!!!!
So don't delay .. come on over  ... 
Don't miss this great sale!

And if you haven't been to my facebook page lately, I changed the exclusive freebie over there...
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Have a great day!