Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa is on his way!

It's a crazy month! As much as the Christmas season is holly and jolly, I'm looking forward to AFTER Christmas for some rest and relaxation!  lol

And for those of you who don't have time to scrap with this busy holiday season... consider quick pages! It`s only recently I`ve starting using them myself.  Sometimes they help so you don`t fall behind on your scrapbooking (or better let, they let you catch up!)  I've got 7 new Christmas sets of 4 in the shop. Ready to go, beautiful and quick!  (Remember, you can still add items to quick pages if you want more embellishments or want to add a personal touch) Check them out!

Winter Blue Christmas QP Set #1 is available HERE

Winter Blue Christmas QP Set #2 is available HERE

Silver Red Christmas QP Set #1 is available HERE

 Silver Red Christmas QP Set #2 is available HERE

Gold & Red Christmas QP Set #1 is available HERE

Gold & Red Christmas QP Set #2 is available HERE

Christmas is 4 Kids QP Set #1 is available HERE

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Also new in the shop are these cute Christmas Stick Pins to dress up your page. 

Get Christmas Stick Pins HERE

And if you want to add a little journaling to your Christmas Layouts ...
Get Christmas Journaling HERE

And here is a layout I did using one of the stick pins and a journal note.
(The words on the page are from 'Christmas Word Bits' available HERE)

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AND ... 
Since I don`t have a lot of time for the rest of the month to put individual things on sale ... 
you reap the benefits!
My ENTIRE SHOP is on sale 35% OFF! 
Everything, including new releases and 99 cent items!
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 And while you are there pick up my latest FREEBIE ...
Baby`s 1st Christmas Ornament is available HERE

 And I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy holiday season spent with those you love ... 
and a glass of wine doesn`t hurt.   :) 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ho Ho Ho!

Well, the Christmas season is upon us.  I find December just goes by so quickly and I'm always scrambling at the end.  My lights are up ... my tree is up ... some shopping done but a busy schedule so I hope I have time to fit everything in that needs to get done.  And if I don't ... oh well. LOL

So many new items have arrived in my shop!  And more in the next week or so.

First off ...
Winter Blue Christmas Series ...
I actually love this series. :)

Winter Blue Christmas kit.  You get everything in the next 5 previews in the kit but you can't see it all!  Get it HERE

And then there are add-on packs also ...
Winter Blue Christmas Borders available HERE

Winter Blue Christmas Frames available HERE
These frames are large and very detailed and pretty when you see them full size!

And if you want everything you can get the Winter Blue Christmas Bundle HERE

 And if you own My Memories Suite there are photobooks available as well ...
The books include the entire Winter Blue Christmas Kit (not the add-on packs)

12x12 available HERE
8.5x11 available HERE
11x8.5 available HERE

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There is also some new Crinkle Christmas Papers in the shop.  There are 5 different paper packs sold separately or you can get the bundle HERE
If you want the individual packs see under 'Related Products' at the link above.

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And there is also some other fun items in the shop ...

Christmas Quote Hangers available HERE

Christmas Carol Hangers available HERE

Winter Quote Hangers available HERE

or get the bundle!  Christmas-Winter Hanger Bundle available HERE

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Also, I am going to be removing all of my current freebies from the shop within the next few weeks and will be putting up some new ones during the new year.
Make sure you've got them all before they are gone.  
This is a list of my current freebies in my shop from oldest to newest.

Scrapbook Word Art - get it HERE

Get Your Green On -get it HERE

Quick Timelines - get it HERE

Autumn Spay Frame - get it HERE

Roses for You Frame - get it HERE

So Thankful - get it HERE

Television Frame - get it HERE

Lasting Impression - get it HERE

Love To You - get it HERE

2014 Christmas Ornaments - get it HERE
(I will be leaving these 2014 Christmas Ornaments up until the end of January)

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