Thursday, January 29, 2009

Enough is Enough!

We got more snow ... enough already~! I often wonder how all the little birds stay alive through the winter. And it's been a really cold one~!. We have tons of chickadee's and woodpeckers that have come to rely (I assume ... lol) on the bird food we put out. We also put out shelled peanuts and suet. They really love the suet (of course it comes in different flavours like: Cranberry Crunch, Apple, Peanut Butter Crisp etc.) Who wouldn't love it??? lol

This suet holder is hanging right outside one of my windows so the cats get quite the show. These pics were taken through the window.

Thanks to everyone for all the comments about the Daily Digit Stamps ... another hit it seems. Also I've taken note of all the suggestions for upcoming freebies ... stay tuned.

Here is another part of the Wedding Wishes series;

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Monday, January 26, 2009

You knew it was coming, didn't ya?

Well, the Day Stamps definately broke a new record for me with over 1000 downloads. Whoo Hoo~! Todays the last day so get it while you can~! And since I've done the months and days there was only one more thing to do - the daily digits. Actually TerriK gave me the idea so thanks and here ya go ...

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wowsers ~

Well, first off - thank you everyone for the nice comments on the bunkbed. It actually turned out exactly like I visioned it in my head. My husband thought I was nuts when I first mentioned making them, but he likes it now

The Day Stamps have been a huge hit~! There have been 883 downloads since Monday and again that breaks another record for me!!! LOL It really makes me realize that people are looking for practical things, things they can use over and over again. Thanks for the comments and feedback and ideas ~

It was so exciting watching the inauguration of Barack Obama. I basically had the television on all day watching the crowds, the actually swearing in, the parade and even the 10 balls he had to attend that night. An amazing amount of people attended and even though I'm not American, I felt proud for some reason United States is our neighbour and apparently Canada is going to be one of the first places that he visits. I do think what happens in the U.S.A affects Canada alot more then some people think.

Today is part 13 of the Wedding Wishes Series;
(These elements could also be used for Valentines day or many other occasions ~)

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Monday, January 19, 2009

We finished!

Well, we finally finished the cats bunkbeds. We were doing some different projects in between getting this done. It wasn't on our 'priority' list My husband make the actual bed part and I made the mattresses, pillows and sheer cover.

Mischief claimed the bottom bunk the minute we put it out. He sleeps in it every day and night. Nemo is a bit perturbed. I put the bunk beds in our bedroom where his basket used to be and moved the basket to the living room. He hasn't taken to the bunk beds yet but I have a few ideas how to try and get him used to it. I still have a few minor adjustments to make with it (Yes, I'm very but we're pretty happy the way it turned out. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Definately for the cats that have everything!

Jody suggested that maybe I make days of the week stamps. There are so many projects going on like 365 and 52 that I thought it was a good idea.

So here is todays freebie;

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our boys are sooo good ~

A few days ago we decided it was time to bath the cats. Mischief who is 14 is used to getting baths because he used to go outdoors. Nemo who is 4 years old has never had one because he's never been an outdoor cat. Well, to my surprise Nemo was really good about it (considering cats don't normally like water). I couldn't believe how skinny they looked.



We wrapped them in towels after and tried to get most of the water out but they still spent the next two hours licking themselves They are now nice and fluffy and smell really good~!

Here is the next part of the Wedding Wishes Series;

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Have a good day ~

Sunday, January 11, 2009

January Blahs ...

I'm sick of winter already. I need sun, heat, vitamin D and grass under my toes~! Once January comes I literally count down the weeks until the nice weather. I feel cooped up and claustrophobic. I'm itching to play in the garden and watch things grow. Even my cats want to go outside in their cage and watch the nature. The only thing good about winter is it forces you to get things done in the house. The problem is I start 'looking' for things that don't really need to be done - I go from one project to another - I think I drive my husband nuts ... lol.

Here's todays freebie;

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Late!

Well, I'm a day later then usual but time just got away from me. And WOW, have I been shocked. My 2009 Date Stamps have been a huge success. I really wasn't prepared for that because they seemed so plain. On Friday alone there were over 500 downloads and over 700 to date. That breaks a record for me ... lol. And thank you, thank you for all the nice comments~!

On to another topic. After Christmas my husband decided to go out on Boxing day and buy himself a remote truck. He's always wanted one and because we live on a dead end street he thinks it's the perfect place for one. Well, it being winter he has to play with it in the house for now. The cats at first were a little afraid of it but very curious. Why was this thing running all over the house? - It doesn't smell 'alive'. Well we decided to put cat treats in the back of the truck, and try and get them used to it. He would stop the truck, the cats would eat a few treats and then he would drive it away. Then they started chasing it. It's been really funny watching them. It's now called the 'Treat Mobile' ... lol.

Believe it or not we are now in the process of building 'bunk beds' for the cats. LOL
I'll post a pic when we are done. Yep, our cats are spoiled ~ ♥

Here is the next part of the Wedding Wishes series;

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 ~

Happy, Happy New Year. May it be filled with much joy, good times, love, health and a few nice surprises. Create wonderful memories this year, remember these are the scrapbooks of tomorrow ~

Here is todays freebie:

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