Friday, July 17, 2009

Pure Instinct ~

A sad thing happened the other day. One of my cats was outside in his cage and I was inside getting some things done. He's being doing this weird thing for awhile now where he goes underneath the carpet in the cage but that's just Nemo, he's a weird cat We've been joking that he is trying to hide so no birds will know he is there I usually go check on him every once in awhile to see if he wants to come in yet. Well, I went to check on him and sure enough he wanted to come in. I know because he looks at me, meows and holds his paw up Anyways as I was taking him out of his cage I noticed a few bird feathers on top of the carpet. We have seen birds fly into the cat cage before but never when the cats are in it so I figured one might of gone in while he was under the carpet and then Nemo must of moved and scared the bird away. I was telling my husband about it and I guess he went and looked and he found a dead bird just outside the side of the cage. :-(

I know it must of been pure instinct for him to catch the bird but I have to be honest I'm really surprised he killed it. I'm really glad I didn't see it happen. Well, since then everytime Nemo goes into the cage he's right under the carpet. I'm actually thinking of taking the carpet out so that the birds will 'know' he's there.

On a happier note I took this cute picture when my daughter was down with her dog a few weekends ago.

They can't let the dog loose outside because we don't have a fence around our yard so she put Stewie (and his bed) in the cat cage. He loved it~! Well Nemo was looking outside like 'What is HE doing in MY cage?'. So we decided to put him in it too. It was really cute. Normally when they are in the house together they kind of just 'watch' each other but sort of 'avoid' each other too. In the cage they totally wouldn't even look at each other Animals are such characters!

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Have a great weekend~!


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