Monday, July 26, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ...

First off ... I am proud to say I have a new award. I was voted as a winner of the 2010 Top Scrapbooking Blogs Award given by Online MBA. To be honest I've never heard of it ... lol ... but hey, goes to show you my blog is out there~! Thanks and I have proudly displayed my award on the right side of my blog.

I was mentioning my new 'part time' job the last post and I LAUGHED at Toby's comment about how I need it incorperate the word NO into my vocabulary. She said I should tell them I'm happy with 10 hours and I should tell them NO to sometimes having to work 30 hours. LOL. The truth is I'm booked next week 48 hours~! Hmmm ... I don't think I've EVER been away from the computer for that long~ I hope I don't forget how to type ... LOL!

On Saturday when I got home from work my husband called me to come outside and it was the most spectacular sight. It was a FULL rainbow (a complete half circle) and it was awesome. I've seen many rainbows in my life but NEVER a complete one. And it was bright. It was changing by the minute because of the clouds but it really was totally amazing. Of course, I took some pictures but I couldn't fit the whole thing in one shot. You would definately need a wide angle lens. And even though the pictures don't do it justice ... here is a little idea of what we saw ...

Again, the pictures do it no justice .. it was a full rainbow where there was no beginnning and no end and it felt like our house was being circled by these beautiful lights. As we were watching it there actually started to be a double rainbow (which again I've never seen) but the second rainbow did not fully develop. (You can see it starting in the smallest of the 3 pictures above .. it's to the right of the rainbow). Oh nature is so amazing~!!

And speaking of nature ... I have a new project I want to try ... (IF I find the time ... lol). Last weekend when my daughter and her husband came down we all went to Toronto on the Sunday and met up with my 2 step daughters and the husband of one of them (that's a hard sentence to try and explain ... lol). We went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) where they had the "The Warrior Emperor and China's Terracotta Army" going on. SUPER interesting but you were not allowed to take pictures. I could write a whole blog about it but it would take forever!!!. Anyways you get to look at all the exhibits once you pay to get in and they also had a Dinasour exhibit and nature exhibit. In those areas you were allowed to take pictures and I saw something that I really loved.

It was this wall of dried flowers on display and I was immediately attracted to it. These are real flowers that were dried and dispayed in a bouquet type arrangement and I loved the idea. One of my favourite flowers is the 'Black Eyed Susan' and mine are in full bloom right now.

So here is a close up of what I want to do;

I am going to try and figure out how to do this ... I did find this site that gave some great information about it HERE ... and hopefully I can find some time to play with yet another project ... LOL.

So to celebrate natures beauty this is what went into
LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Nature Alpha - consists of full upper case, full lower case, numbers 0-9 and symbols~! 67 piecess ... all for only $2.00~!!! Get it HERE.

(NOTE: All upper case have flowers on them, all lower case have leaves, numbers and symbols have flowers. In the above rainbow layout where the numbers are shown for the date, the numbers have been downsized so I could fit the date in the corner. The numbers are actually the same size as the alphabet)

You can use this alpha for anything~! The below layout shows another option:

(My adorable great nephew Devin at my daughters wedding on June 11th - he was 9 months old in this picture ... ahhh.. so cute~!)

~~ -:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:-.•:*♥*:•.-:¦:- ~~

And sticking with the nature theme this is your freebie for today;

(I gave away this freebie about 1 ½ years ago ... so if you weren't following me then I hope you like it!) (Click on any picture for closer view)

Download Garden Topper

Size shown on a 12x12 inch layout below ...

Have a great week and as usual I love to hear your comments etc.


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