Friday, February 24, 2012

In With The Green!

Ok, Valentines day is over and now I'm looking forward to spring. Bring it on! Of course today we had what I think is the biggest snowfall we've had all winter ... lol. But it really hasn't been a bad winter, if this snow melts fast I think it's almost over. Just a few days ago it almost looked like the grass was growing and I know the birds are starting to come around again. So it's looking hopefull!

My birthday is actually the day after Valentines day and I got a beautiful surprise.

Flowers from my grandson! These bright and cheery flowers really made my day and actually they are still pretty good after 9 days! They really got me in the mood for spring.

But the green grass is not the only green thing I'm looking forward to!. It's almost St. Patricks Day! Since I'm Irish I always look forward to it. Wearing green, drinking green wine (LOL) and feeling the luck of the Irish all day!

Now speaking of luck ....

PLEASE take a few minutes to read below ... I really don't want anyone to miss out on this!!!

Have you had a chance to get My Memories Suite v3. scrapbooking software yet?? If not ... today is your lucky day because you are not going to get a better deal then the one I have for you.

For a limited time offer this is the deal (Feb 24 - March 31)

Purchase My Memories Suite software and use this code:


and you will immediately get $10 off. (You can download the program as soon as your purchase it.) You will then get a confirmation email and in that email there is a $10 cpn. to use on any kits in their shop. (Tons of great deals there so you will get alot for $10!)
Forward me your confirmation email and you are going to get a fabulous reward!
A FREE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to Rakscraps! What is that? Take a look at what you get ...

Have you been adding that up?? Are you kidding me? Alot of free kits and a free Mega kit every month for a year!!

But that's not it! You can head over to LLL Creations Dollar Mart (my online shop) and pick out $10 worth of kits there for free too!!

This is truly a fabulous deal and it's not going to be around forever. So if you don't have a GREAT scrapbooking program or you've been hummin and hawing about whether to get one, don't wait ANY longer!!

They make great gifts too! So head on over to My Memories and make sure you use this promo code: STMMMS29686
to get everything I've just told you about and start scrapping like a pro!!

*Afraid you won't know how to use it? You have nothing to worry about. It has everything for the beginner and tons of stuff for the advanced user. They have the best support team around and inspiration and answers to everything on their facebook page from staff and fellow users. (If you don't have facebook you will get quick email support all the time!)

Speaking of facebook, I hope you have 'liked' my facebook page, I've already changed my exlusive freebie there several times in the past month so head on over and 'like it'. :-)

And now speaking of freebies ... and St. Patricks Day ... I have a little freebie for you.

Get Your Green On! - Get it HERE

I hope you like it and I hope you read my post ... the best deal in town. :-)
Have a great weekend!

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