Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Balancing Act

Hello everyone! Can someone slow down life? I feel like I just get caught up on one thing and everything else is behind! Well, anyways here I am. Trying to get a blog post in while I can ... lol.

First off ... I'm very excited to tell you that My Memories is being featured on the TV show called 'The Balancing Act' tomorrow. (Hmmm.. Balancing Act, I need to balance my act!!) It sucks because in Canada we don't even have the LIFE channel (at least I don't) but they are going to put the video on their site so I will have to wait and watch it then. As soon as it airs tomorrow this link will be live:
This is only the first of 3 segments!

And the best part is ...

YOU and everyone has the opportunity to get a FREE photobook from their site. As a promotion to celebrate the show they are having a 20 page hardcover book giveaway. Get all the details here:


You can download the free trial of their software here:

My Memories Suite Free Trial Software

Give it a shot and you will LOVE IT! For inspiration, questions and answers etc check out their facebook page ... almost 16,000 fans and growing ...

My Memories on Facebook

And while we are talking about facebook ... I have a new Exclusive freebie on LLL Creations facebook ...

Here is a layout using one of the frames ... of course my adorable grandson...

So come on over to LLL Creations on facebook. Once you have liked my page you will have access to all my exclusive freebies there. I change them often!

PS - If you are one of my customers from LLL Creations Dollar Mart, you might want to take a look at my shop at My Memories. Many items there are NOT in my personal shop and I have stuck with the low prices in their shop. Come check it out:

LLL Creations at My Memories

Have a great day~

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hoppy Easter Weekend!

Wow, Easter weekend already! And just on cue this rabbit has been hanging around all week in our backyard. He's pretty tame too. I actually took these pictures through a window but he didn't seem bothered by me being so close. My cats are having a blast watching him. We have a bowl of bird seed on our back patio and I think that is why he's been hanging around but I think he is adorable!

So how is everyone liking the new facebook timeline? I switched over awhile back and I have to say I'm not thrilled with it. Well, I actually like it for my personal fb page. But it's really horrible for business pages because it groups all the recent posts together on the right side of the page and so I just think it's a pain. I'm hoping in the future they will change that and at least give us an option to 'ungroup' those posts or not. I know alot of people that don't like it.

Anyways, like it or not we don't have a choice. For my personal fb page I LOVE to change the Timeline Cover often. It's fun to change it and make it really personal. If you find those photos a pain well you might want to come over and look at these Quick Timelines I've created. They are sets of 3 for only 99 cents! Many sets to choose from, some especially for friends, kids and for grandmas too! A quick and easy way to have a fun timeline cover!

Quick Timelines 1 - Get it HERE. (And look under related products for many more!)

And with spring right around the corner I've created a kit called 'Down to Earth' ... Come see this one, it took 4 preview images to show you everything!.

Down to Earth is available HERE.

*** And if you still haven't liked my facebook page, now is the time. I have exclusive freebies and I will be changing it tomorrow! Once you like my page you have access to all exclusive freebies ... but not the ones you miss by not liking now. :-)

Like LLL Creations on facebook HERE.

I'm having a challenge on my facebook page and you can win a $30 shopping spree at my shop!

And now hopping right along ... (pardon the pun!) here is a little freebie for you.
This Quick Timeline sampler will show you just how quick and easy it is to get a great looking Timeline cover in no time! (If you use My Memories Suite it includes quick instructions how to use it)

And if you don't have My Memories Suite yet, what's stopping you? This great program is everything you will EVER need for digital scrapbooking and so much more.
Use this cpn. code: STMMMS29686
and recieve $10 off immediately, followed by a welcome letter which will include a $10 My Memories store credit for any kits you want! Then you also get $10 credit at LLL Creations Dollar Mart when you forward me your welome letter. Can you say 'great deal'?? lol

Here's you Friends Facebook Timeline Cover Sampler HERE.

Have a safe and fun Easter weekend!