Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

Finally some nice weather!   Flower gardens are finished, new brick fire pit is up, new gardens dug, birds are abundant and of course our tree swallows are nesting in the box on our back patio again.
It's glorious spring!

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First off I want to show you some new products ....

My Family Tree ... Includes everything in the next 4 previews!
Available HERE

There are also some add-on packs ...
My Family Tree Borders available HERE

My Family Tree Frames available HERE

My Family Tree Word Art available HERE

 And also My Family Tree Papers Extra available HERE

And if you own My Memories Suite there are 3 photobooks available ... 12x12, 8.5x11 or 11x.85
Each photobook has 22 premade pages and includes the full 'My Family Tree' kit - except the name plates (which are available separately in case you want to add them).

Come see the photobooks here .. .this LINK is for the 12x12 and see underneath where it says 'Related Products' for the other size ....

And more new items in the shop too ... just head on over to my shop and see ... lots of sales too!

And something awesome should be live in my shop in a day or two .. but it's a surprise.   But if you have a summer wedding to go to .... you might want to check out my shop this week!

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And yesterday being Memorial Day in the United States I changed my exclusive freebie.  I don't live in the States but I appreciate Canadas vets and the vets of the United States as well. The sacrifices they made and are making make everyone proud. We are neighbours and we need each other more than most people think.

So pick us this Exclusive FREEBIE for a limited time .. I will be changing it soon.
Go to my facebook page HERE .

Have a great day~

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