Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ahhh ... the weekend ...

Yay! I have the weekend off ~ And not only that my September work schedule looks so much better then August. No more 5 or 6 days a week. I asked to be cut back to 4 shifts a week. That should free up a bit of time for designing ... yippee~!!

A fews posts ago (HERE) I showed a dried flower arrangement that I wanted to try. Well, I cut my Black Eyed Susans and dried then out in between some heavy books for a few weeks. It actually worked not too bad. I then put them in a frame that I had with double glass and this is what it turned out like.

I wasn't 100% satisfied with the results but I guess it wasn't too bad for my first try. I think next year I will be prepared to make a much nicer one. You really have to make sure when putting the flowers between the books that all the petals and leaves are lying flat and facing forward. Once they come out from the books and are dry you really can't change them. Also I should of picked them a bit earlier while the stems weren't so thick. I think next year I will do one with a few other flowers, make it more symetrical and have the bottom line up nicely like a bouquet. But it was really fun to try.

My great nephew is going to be a 1 year old on Sept. 8th already! Wow, that year went by fast. Next weekend is his first birthday bash and it should be alot of fun. I decided it was time to make some kids word art and so this is what went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Kids Word Art #1 - 5 fun word art for only $1 - Get it HERE.

The 'Kids 'r Kool' word art was a freebie awhile back. I usually only have 4 word art to a pack but I added that word art in case you missed it.

And one shown for size on the 12x12 inch layout below;

They are little for such a short time .... ahhh ....

And don't forget about my Back to School Promotion;

So now is a good time to take a look at all the items in my shop ...
because you get alot of bang for your buck!

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Todays freebie is this Neutral Paper Pack ...

Download Neutral Paper Pack #4 FREEBIE

As usual, comments are appreciated ~~ Have a good weekend!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Day Off ...

So much to do, so little time ... lol. Well, I have a day off and I took advantage of it by staying up way to late last night doing what I love to do - designing.~

There are so many other things I should of been doing around the house but they certainly aren't as fun ... lol. Hopefully I'll get some of those things done today. There's not alot to actually blog about right now except the weather has stayed spectacular and looks like it's going to be around for awhile. What a summer!!! It's almost back to school time and I'm sure the kiddies had one of the best summers of their lives.

I've decided to have a promotion for 'Back To School' to celebrate~

Get these 3 Live, Love and Laugh Metal Plates FREE with a minimum $5 purchase at LLL Creations Dollar Mart between August 20th and September 15th.

The layout below shows the size of them on a 12x12 inch paper ...

And today I put these fun Fishing Word Art into the shop;
(Click on any picture for larger view)

Get 4 fun fishing word art for only $1 ~ Get them HERE.

And the layout below shows one on a 12x12 inch layout ...

So hop on over to LLL Creations Dollar Mart and take advantage of my Back To School Promotion~

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And also today I have a special freebie for you ...

Download True Friends Frame

It's a large frame as shown in the 12x12 inch layout below with me and my friend of over 40 years!

Have a great week .... and as always, comments are appreciated~~

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's A .....

Well, my daughter had her ultasound on Thursday. She said it was amazing and they watched the baby do somersaults and move around. She said it was the most amazing day of her life! And ........ she found out the sex. It's a BOY!!! OMG - it's so weird knowing already. She still has 5 months to go until this precious boy is born. She is going to pay to have a 3D/4D ultrasound done in October or November and I am going to go see it! Now THAT will be totally amazing and I can't wait!!!

(Update for commenter: No need to google it ... here is the link where she is getting it done.

Here's the little guy in the below layout ... ♥

So I'm in the celebrating mood ... and I have new mini kit that I put into
LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Wedding Mini Kit

I can't even fit everything into the preview folder so here's a larger preview;
Click on pic for larger view ...

And that's not all ... I've decided to give these 5 bonus papers with the purchase of the Wedding Mini Kit;

Everything you see for only $2.00 - are you kidding me?

NOPE ... get Wedding Mini Kit

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And I've made these quickpages for your freebie today;

I used one in my daughters ultrasound layout at the beginning of this post.

(Thinking of you Sue~)

Download Baby Arrival Quickpages

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And if you don't use quickpages and just want the frames, you get can both frames for only $1 HERE.

And create a layout how you like it ~

Have a great weekend ... comments are appreciated~~

P.S. - I'm not even going to mention that today is Friday the 13th. - Ok, I just did ... lol, but I refuse to talk about it, discuss it or debate it ... LOL.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

4 Months and Counting ...

Holy Moly ... my daughter is officially 4 months along in her pregnancy. She definately has a baby bump and she says she feels huge ... haha. She will be getting her second ultrasound this Thursday and they are both hoping to find out the sex of the baby. Personally I like the 'surprise' of finding out at birth but they both are anxious to know and think it will be easier for decorating etc. I'm still shocked I'm actually going to be a grandma and have still not decided what I want to be called. One thing I do know is this baby is most likely to be an Aquarius, just like me ♥~♥

I'm hoping in the next few weeks to get the copies of all her wedding pictures so I can start her scrapbook. I haven't made one since her engagement album and I'm anxious to actually do it. All these things I have created and I don't take the time to actually scrap ... lol. Working has really put a crunch on my time for everything but I refuse to give up designing because I just love to do it.

This is what went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

(Click on any picture for larger view)

Like You Mean It Word Art - 6 word art for only $1 ~ Get it HERE.

And the layout below shows the size on a 12x12 inch paper.

These could be used for so many layouts ~ so scrap like you mean it!

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And today your freebie is this Memories Paper Set ...

Download Memories Paper Set

And one of my daughters wedding pics in the layout below using one of the papers ...

Have a great week .... and as always, comments are appreciated~~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What can I say. This working for a living is really cutting into my blogging/posting/creating time. UG~! I'm preposting this on Tuesday night to post Wednesday morning and I'm tired so unfortunately I'm going to make this quick.

I spent a little time creating yesterday and it felt so good. So this is what went into LLL Creations Dollar Mart today;

Envelope Frames #1 - 3 fun frames for only $1 - get them HERE.

and the below layout shows one of the frames for size on a 12x12 inch paper ...

You & Me word art is part of Love Word Art #1 available here.
Paper is part of Charcoal Paper Pack available here.

and Envelope Frames #2 - 3 frames for only $1 - get them HERE.

And another layout to show size ....

Water Fun word art is part of Summer Word Art #4 available here.
Paper is part of Water Paper Set available here.

These envelope frames are very versatile and are great for any layout~!

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And it's August and that means it's time for the August Frame ...

Download August Frame

August already? wow ...

If you are new to my blog ... well, I give away these frames the first week of every month. If you've missed any ... you can get them here. (Or if you don't want to wait for them get the Mega Pack there too!)

This frame fills a 12x12 inch layout. You can see the size on a 12x12 inch paper in THIS post.

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